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  1. Where did you find it for £45?! All the ones I've seen are £200.
  2. Important question: Before I pull the trigger on buying a Streamlight TLR-1, does anyone know if it will fit on a KJW P226? I was unable to fit a cheap foregrip that came with my G&P onto it, so I'm worrying a bit.

  3. I'm guessing Swiss Arms are terrible? Looking for a good torch for my M4/226 to get started with..

    1. PureSilver


      Streamlight TLR-1 with the extended backplate kit for the rifle. Fits the 226 like it was made for it.

    2. DrAlexanderTobacco


      I'd been looking at it, yeah. Expensive though.

    3. PureSilver


      (Buy mine!) It's expensive but it's dirt cheap in the world of real weaponlights, and it's leaps and bounds above airsoft replicas.

  4. You're annoyed at them lying, when you yourself lied to us and FireSupport regarding what gas you used?
  5. Hnnnnngh WE M14 w/ NPAS and 5 Mags for £380, I can afford it but it would cripple me financially.

    1. Bando


      yes but youd be a financial cripple with a GBB m14

    2. hitmanNo2


      Is it upgraded? Don't they need a ton of internal work to fix the WE'ness?

    3. DrAlexanderTobacco


      Don't think it's upgraded! For £380 though it's a great deal, as it's got the NPAS and 5 mags. Don't mind turning it into a project gun.

  6. Ordered 2 items from them: A pair of ESS ICE glasses, and an IMI Retention Holster for a Sig P226. The glasses took around a week, maybe 2 weeks to arrive. They arrived without the yellow lenses, which I was assured would turn up at some point - They haven't after 3 months now. I don't really need them, so not too bothered. The holster took 7 working days to arrive. I called up on the 6th day, asking where they were, and someone on the other end of the phone apologised for the delay, as they had switched over their ordering systems and website (Their website was certainly updated), and
  7. Tips on how to wear CS95 much appreciated, thanks! I definitely need a new belt. The cadet-issued one I've got now is *suitcase*, impossible to adjust easily on the field, comes loose, won't take my preferred holster that easily meaning it bangs into my hip every time I take a step. Regarding the drawstrings on the trousers: If I cut them out, how will I keep everything nice and tidy?! BTW - There wasn't actually a camelbak in that hydration pouch It was just 2 500ml bottles of water. Down one before going out on the field, then stay out until the last one's empty. Then return, refil
  8. Myself on the right, modelling how rubbish a non-configured vest can look, and how silly it looks if you don't roll up the sleeves of a Soldier 95 pattern shirt. And I really *fruitcage* needed a haircut before the game but I didn't have time. The friend of mine was planning to carry around an Ares M200 AND a HK416. Thankfully he had to drop the M200 due to a leaky mag
  9. I'm thinking of getting one of these. £380 ONO, with NPAS, 5 leak-free mags, scope and scope mount. Good deal?
  10. Yeah, that's what I plan to do I've found some dummy plates that are the correct dimension for the vest (Large), but I'd have to order them from the US - Making do with some Cardboard for now. I'll be taking it to the weekender, hopefully it won't be that hot. I normally use a SAAV, but that's fairly open.
  11. Purchased a RICAS last week. I think I've got it to fit the way I want. It's a little loose still, but that's because I'm extremely skinny.
  12. Ordered a magpul AFG and AI Propane Adaptor Kit off them. Speedy delivery! I love how FireSupport always have a good level of hard to find parts in, such as AFGs, CTR stocks etc. What's more, I ordered a kit off them that I changed my mind on, and was able to cancel that order within an hour of me placing it. Fast response times, etc. To me, they were definitely on a par with Land Warrior Airsoft, but then I realised they have a stock notification option too! Shot up to the top of my list of retailers.
  13. I will! It's a lovely first gun. Still haven't tested it though, need a battery first.
  14. First purchase! That's a G&P M4 CQB, with a Magpul AFG2 and a KingsArms RDS.
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