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    Custom Gear

    Awesome work with the panels! Can't wait to get my hands on some in AOR1 and AOR2. Apologies if the question is in the wrong section. Looking for help with finding a tailor in the EU, that modifies gear. I've got a plate carrier that i want to do some minor modifications on. Reasons for keeping inside EU is because of customs. Have found some guys in UK/US but the toll would be real pricy.
  2. Hi there guys! Anyone else having problem with the pinion gear? Have Worn down 2 the last year. Both original a&k. Someone who has a solution? Thanks
  3. Thank for the advice! This is really good knowledge. Now I know what I'm up against. SHS has a pinion gear that is a bit helical, I wonder if it Will Work. I Also noticed that SHS has a Complete gear set, with all the gears. For 33$ i Will give it a try. Have any of you guys tested this?
  4. My motor pinion gear just got worn down. Nothing left on it. Bevel gear also looks a bit worn. Any suggestions on what to do? Have looked ad a systema pinion and bevel gesr but just read that it wont work. Thanks for the great tips in this thread.
  5. Agree with you on all points. Does anyone know if any of the 416 kits fit on the A&K tw?
  6. Erka92

    Custom Gear

    Awesome Work! Do you Work alot with hypalon?
  7. Erka92

    WE P226 R

    I'm at 61N 17E, in Sweden. Can get to around minus 20celsius during winter time. My P226 is really bad compared to Glocks during winter. Below 0 celsius i get maybe 5-10 shots depending on humidity.
  8. Erka92

    WE P226 R

    Happens all the time on mine. Dont know how WE thought when designing it..
  9. Erka92

    WE P226 R

    Didnt find any good pics of my gun, but this is the most recent. crappy phone quality, but you get the idea. found this pic, showing the rest of the gun.
  10. Erka92

    WE P226 R

    Had my WE p226 since over two years and fired around 3k rnds. No problems with it so far. Have hogue grips on it, but had to mod around the holes where the screws go. Dremelling and sanding like Nonex wrote. Awesome for gun for CQB. Only thing i don't like with it is that it is bigger than the real version and that it consumes alot of gas during Winter. ( below 0C)
  11. I've localized my problem. It seems to be that my mags feed perfect when I press and hold the Magazine in. When i just put the mag in the gun and let it hang by the mag release, there is a bit of wobble and the mag is not high enough to feed into the hop up chamber base. Got an FCC outer barrel in my A&K and that might make the Magazine not sitting flush against the hop up chamber base. But why had it performed to nice untill now.. This might strenghten Diptwits theory. Anyway, got an Kastman Hop up on the way, will see if it Changes anything. Any theory how to fix this? Anyo
  12. Lyng, do you have a link to the systema White o-ring? Have started getting feeding issues with my A&K. had it for 6 months and shot around 2k bbs. First it worked great, then it started chooping and now it doesnt feed. Tried changing cylinder but nothing happened. If i take out the cylinder and Close the gun, the mag feed bbs to the hop up unit, but they never go completely into the hop up. They get stuck half way into the unit. Therefore if the cylinder would be in, it would press only half a bb as they come up half way to where the nozzle moves. Have tried changing shims on t
  13. Great write-up! Having some issues with my A&K using Green devil 0.28 g. Does anyone else have this problem? It fires around 10 bbs correct, then starts chopping 1 bb. eventually enought chopped bbs build up inside the barrel leading to jam.
  14. The mosfet is quite big. I changed all wiring to Etiny and a JG motor(aggressor). Ran it yesterday and it Works great. Not the same sound as the a&k original motor, but we'll se how long it holds up. Does anyone know where to find emags?
  15. I changed all electronics to etiny on my A&K. Changed the motor to a jg( the one aggressor sells) Couldnt get the old pinion gear off, so i bought a fcc pinion gear. Works great for now, but i noticed lyng wrote to Keep the old one. Does this mean that my new pinion gear wont Hold?
  16. The leds is mostly for photoshoot i asume. Nice Review Theoutlier! Would be great if you bought the spartans and made a comparison. Got my spartans on the way.
  17. Never seen a good paintjob on comtacs or GoPro until now! Great work! What colours did you use?
  18. Steel tiger: you've got enough blasters to Equip a small army! Awesome!
  19. now thats a film! dont make them any different than this. Great feeling in the film.
  20. Great review! Splendid to hear about the news from blacktalon!
  21. Heroshark: you selling those? Where do I find the building thread that you've made?
  22. Where did you get the mask? Looks awsome!
  23. I've got one and i Works like a charm. Fun little CQB weapon when it's to cold for GBB and GBBR.
  24. Looks great! Did you have to cut the fabric?
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