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  1. Can someone post up the parts diagram for the 870? I lost mine.
  2. SpankyTheDolphin

    1911 Picture Thread

    Western Arms AMT Hardballer Longslide
  3. SpankyTheDolphin

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Awesome, thanks for the info.
  4. SpankyTheDolphin

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    That looks pretty cool, but I'd like to see more of the Docter sight mount. I'm wondering how you put that on there.
  5. SpankyTheDolphin

    H&K Picture Thread

    Everything else looks great, the ACOG is just a little too.....Call of Duty.
  6. SpankyTheDolphin

    H&K Picture Thread

    Two of my Tokyo Marui MK23's. Sold one, debating on keeping the second one since it has a Madbull tightbore running through the suppressor and 7 or 8 mags.
  7. SpankyTheDolphin

    H&K Picture Thread

    VFC H&K 416 PolarStar and KWA H&K Mk23 with real H&K rail adapter, Streamlight TLR-1, and TM Mk23 16MM suppressor.
  8. SpankyTheDolphin

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Only picture I have of my AK. Took a DBoys AKS74U and replaced the handguard, gas tube cover, flash hider and all the internals. Wound up shooting 30rps at 300fps on an 11.1v. The paracord wrapped stock was a nice little touch.
  9. SpankyTheDolphin

    H&K Picture Thread

    My KWA Mk23 with real H&K rail adapter, Streamlight TLR-1, and soon I'll have my custom machined metal outer barrel with 14mm CW threading. I also have a 416 Polarstar but that's not finished until Friday. This is probably the best pistol I've ever owned, though.
  10. SpankyTheDolphin

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me and my team at a local event, we're the Fast Action Response Team.

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