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  1. Richard - Any news on the new stocks you mentioned you're having made?
  2. Something a bit different I guess?!
  3. My mates ordering some for his new Sopmod, I will report back with how he gets on with them!
  4. Same with Blackhawk Serpa's, the 20/21 version fits the TM 17 perfectly.
  5. Yeah it was way too low that day, just never got round to adjusting it to sit on my thigh.
  6. Recently got my TM G17 with upgraded parts (including a metal PGC slide!). Extremely happy with it, highly recommended!
  7. That's a really good price, thought they'd be £25-£30 to be honest.
  8. Richard any news on these stocks you mentioned releasing for the Sopmod?
  9. ^^ I did laugh a little bit at the above comment, I thought exactly the same!
  10. Just about any retailer in the UK to be honest, they all sell them.
  11. Some very nice Glocks here! I got a TM Glock 17 last week that I'm very happy with, in the process of sorting out a list of upgrades for it.
  12. That's awesome news! Hopefully they're priced at around £20 as well!
  13. As already linked it's from UKMCPRO. Pretty happy with it!
  14. This is my WAS vest - Also got one of these last week for me black loadout -
  15. So very true, it's an absolutely awful system. I don't even bother 'tracking' (HA!) items I buy now as it's nothing more then a waste of time.
  16. Just ordered myself a new TM Glock 17, cannot wait! Will get pictures up once I've got it and upgraded.
  17. Or look at swaps, I had to resort to painting my FDE stock in the end instead of buying a black one. Came out well though. Stock and pistol grip painted -
  18. Richard definitely keep me updated when you have the stock kits finished up. Very interested. Also can someone with the Laylax lower post a picture up? I am considering getting a plain one and having it custom engraved.
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