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  1. I've broken a couple of AKs, back in my time as a trials NCO. Don't let me near your girlfriend. Darkchild
  2. Got a machete, trimmed the tree in the garden. Sharpened machete. Happy. Darkchild
  3. The wife bought me a WAS pathfinder chest rig as a thank you for the support I've given over the whole divorce thing. I've been thinking about a light rig for a while now, because I do most of my work in a light recce role and I'm in stripped down Land rovers a lot. This is exactly what I need, I have the best wife ever! Darkchild
  4. *fruitcage* boiler, hot water is working but ALL the radiators have stopped since last night. Need to get in the loft to check the tank then bleed all the rads, failing that I'll probably have to call a bloke out. Darkchild
  5. You can all come to my house! Plot twist, it's a suicide cult. Darkchild
  6. Nope, there may be years of having my mother in law living with us, followed by drinking myself to death. Darkchild
  7. Been helping utterly non proactive, weak willed person get through a divorce. Every conversation is like swimming through broken glass. Darkchild
  8. Seen the family for early christmas, went tabbing with the mum (she's 50, still tabs 8 miles in 90 minutes, puts some squaddies to shame), saw Star Wars twice, got drunk. Now I'm home and cracking on with the writing. Good times. Darkchild
  9. I *fruitcage* hate christmas. Oh well, least I get to see Star Wars when I wake up! Darkchild
  10. Yes they have it on record, but because the complex fit is different from what I have already used (this course is way more advanced, several courses down the line) the reserves, in their wisdom have decided that I need to start from RAC step 1, when I could realistically just jump straight onto complex fit course. I have kept my rank, that was one of my terms for signing back up. Darkchild
  11. Taking December off to concentrate on my writing. Feels good man. Darkchild
  12. Reserves made me do a part 1 signals course because I joined a cavalry unit and my background is infantry (apparently this matters on JPA) I've been using radios for 15 years, have used them on tours in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, and they made me do a recruit level course. This is an insult to my soldiering abilities. It would be like making a professional chef serve fries in McDonalds. Darkchild
  13. Console gamer cares not for your PC problems. Black Ops 3 campaign works fine for me! It's really quite good too, for a COD campaign, plus you get the extra zombie campaign afterwards, both of which are playable with splitscreen co-op (the main reason I bought it). To be fair, Treyarch nailed it this time round. Darkchild
  14. I'm on PS4, playing Black ops 3 atm, was absolutely obsessed with BF4 when it first came out but sort of burnt myself out. Still think it's the best of the current gen shooters by far. Darkchild
  15. Doing the monthly shop with you must be fun.
  16. I appreciate the sentiment (genuinely) but I'm not religious, so prayers don't really mean anything to me. I think the Army just needs to sort out after care for blokes with PTSD, instead of turning their backs on them as soon as they leave. Unfortunately it's a condition that is easy to hide from people... I suppose the problem solves itself once everybody is dead. Darkchild
  17. Another year, another remembrance and more of my mates that "survived" our wars have killed themselves. I don't mellow as I get older, I get more angry.
  18. The racism thing is mainly a 4chan style trolling campaign. The Star Wars trailer made me smile a lot. Darkchild
  19. Went to Cornwall for a night out, ended up drinking for 24 hours straight. I'm basically a dessicated husk right now. Darkchild
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