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ebaybanned HL1 replica now in DARK EARTH


can we work out what colour it is!  

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  1. 1. is it dark earth or tan? :D

    • Dark Earth
    • Tan
    • some other dark earthy or tany colour

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hi folks

havent seen this anywhere on here or on ebaybanned before now, its his new HL1 replica in dark earth:


though i cant tell from the photography if its dark earth or tan. certainly looks more tan then dark earth to me.

though one question occurs if its dark earth would it work on usmc or acu loadouts? or would we just have to wait to see if a true tan version appears



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A problem with the website means that sometimes a certain user stays logged in so others who follow their link can see their account details, name and address mainly.


Hes seen yours by the same manner, although i just clicked your link and had a different person, called "Guido" from Italy. The Americans will get the irony in that poor chaps name.


On topic however, that looks as if it is actually 3 different colours.

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Yet to test the IR led, but...

Easiest way to test the IR is to view it through a digicam viewfinder. That'll pick up the IR as bright purple.


I'm away from home right now so I can't comment on delivery or quality but I bought 3 of these off EBB a week or so ago and, the following day, I got a $30-odd refund off Paypal.

Seems I was paying the full price and EBB must have decided to be nice and refund me the additional cost. :o

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