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Jing Gong AK47 Krebs Tactical Full Metal

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Jing Gong Kreb's AK47 Full Metal Ris'd up jobbie


Just a quick review for anyone interested...and only one piccy, sorry - will pop some links in but not gonna waste Arnies cyberspace on gearbox internals. You all know what these look like.

Now, I know for some, it's a bit of a horror show - No wood and many ris rails on an AK. Blasphemy!

But I liked the look of it. I like v3 gearboxes, AK hops and AK mags - nice high capacity if needed. And I find AK's quick to take to bits too. All good.


UK stockists include actionhobbys and landwarrior


Gunner has them in stock, complete with pictures...


As do RSOV...



Any hoo, a little review.


For the record, this is a uk supplied gun.


The box is nice. Sort of foamy instead of polystyrene. Nice.

Comes with an 8.4v 1500mah large battery, some bb's cleaning rod etc.




Pick it up...it's a big heavy lump indeed. The ris rails are nicely cast and everything is pretty rattle free, although the front end could probably do with some 0.5mm plasticard to take a very slight side to side wobble out.

The stock is standard AK affair with the rubbery coating on it.

Pistol grip is a tac type, again very solidly mounted.

You know how it is, new gun straight out of the box - pop the battery on a let a couple off....WHACK WHACK...Blimey. Get the chrony out. Oooer... Just short of 450fps with .2's.


Pulling it to bits time...


The barrel is a -14mm thread.

Barrel is standard AK length with the usual JG hop chamber. Bucking is in slightly skewed but no real problem.

Body is full metal type


Gearbox looks fairly standard, but nice suprise - 7mm bearing holes, bonus! (only nylon bushings in place though)

Open it up - flipping the anti reversal latch first. Still a load of pressure in it so be careful.

Was expecting the usual XYT gears but they are vaguely gold coloured with JG stamped on them, as is the ar latch. Look Ok, but time will tell.

There is a sector chip already in place.

Not too much grease for once, and what is there is whiteish.

The spring guide is standard non-bearing plastic.

Cylinder is brass and vented correctly for an ak barrel length.

Pop the piston out thinking it's standard JG but there is no 'weight' on the end of the spring and there is a piston head bearing in place.

The cylinder head is the plasticky type but has twin seal rings and extends a little further into the piston than a standard cylinder head - not sure this is good.

Wiring looks ok, not too skinny at all.


All in all, very happy. Big solid heavy AK


There you go, review in a nutshell.

Any questions, don't hesitate :D


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Piccies for you


Body seems pretty solid and paint is ok. Sorry about the focus on this one.




Front and top - all metal



Cylinder head piccies...

Element, new JG and old JG. You can just see the middle one is 'taller'



Damper pic, new and old



Gearbox, bearing piston head and (not sure if this means anything) a blue top motor




Hope this helps




imageshack doing sommit funny - hope these pics stay up :)

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Was hoping you could give me an idea of how the front sight is attached to the gas block. Grub screw perchance? I really want the Ultimak rail system for a project gun, but it needs to have a conventional AKM front sight and barrel. Would it be possible to swap the parts out?



Don't think a swap's on the cards, its a complete one piece casting - sorry :(


What I mean is the front sight is one casting - it slides over the barrel and the gas block bit slides onto the sight 'bit'. Barrel is approx 15.7mm at this point.




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The blue top motor means it's one of JG's new high-torque motors. Much better than their old ones, plus the black 7mm gearbox indicates it's a late '08 model. Good, solid gearboxes, but it's a pity JG still don't supply metal bushings or bearings as stock.

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