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    -Real Sword Type 56 (400 fps)-
    -Guarder AKS-74 with Guarder Internals, Russian tourniquet (390 fps)-
    -Tokyo Marui AK Light Custom with HurricanE Internals (380 fps)-
    -Tokyo Marui P90 (300 Fps)-
    -TM 1911-
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    -Marui M14 OD Stock (Stock ATM, soon to be upgraded)-
    -G&P based GAU-5/A (300 fps)-
    -Star M4A1 (300 fps)-

    Lots of Russians/Soviet Gear, and growing collection of Tactical Gear.
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    Stargate Atlantis, Airsoft, Soccer, Running, Stargate (both TV shows and the movie), Warhammer 40K, Rainbow Six Games, COD4, anything that involves me taking something apart, or blowing something up. :0
  1. If I took 23 bb's in the goggles I'd probably replace them. Especially if they are not ballistic rated.
  2. So someone in New York or LA want to buy me a set?
  3. Looking good man. How much time have you put into that rig?
  4. I don't think that it's very respectful to insist on references to prove that he is correct. He says he's a PJ and he seems to have good info, so that's all that really should matter. Especially since it seems the issue in this argument arose from a comment about an MEU. It seems a bit arrogant to challenge him on being a PJ based on his opinion about a pistol, and not, for example, him claiming that we're doing everything wrong, or that he knows so much more than we do.
  5. Be prepared to start replacing parts on your WE/Socom Gear relatively soon. The front bushing and spring guide break a lot.
  6. And now for something completely different. My Soviet/Federation Russian team (Soviet Boarder Guard, and Federation Spetznaz) More pictures and info on our website : Tac4 Russia Enjoy!
  7. I dig the multicam and the jeans. I think it's a cool look.
  8. I dig the last pic. I think it worked out pretty well. Looks really good, can you eventually get a few more close ups? I'd like to see the gear in greater detail.
  9. Kind of off topic. Does anyone know if it is still possible to find a real wood stock for a Marui M14? I've looked around, but everyone seems to be out of stock or discontinued with theirs. I'll toss up a pic or two of my m14, once it's something more than just plane jane od.
  10. Para Ordnance was also the first company to introduce a Light Double Action trigger. (means absolutely nothing for airsoft). WE also makes a Para Ordnance. It's not the greatest, but it's also fairly cheap, so can't go wrong there.
  11. Deepeyes. What Jacket is that? It looks pretty cool.
  12. What Mag pouches are you rocking for your AK? Does it take single or dual ak mags?
  13. Yes! You can see the corner of my head and glasses in that pic! @ Agent Hunk, ouch. Although, I can fit almost as much on my FAPC as I can with my Russian M23 Pioneer vest, or my Russian webbing. Not all of us are speedball rockers all the time. Although, looking at Communi's pic, we all do look pretty bad *albatross* with chest rigs.
  14. I'd ditch the UTV. It looks a little uncomfortable with the FAPC underneath it. With a bit of creativity, you could probably get three double M4 pouches on the front, and then either run a belt kit, or ditch the last two mags (or stick them in pockets. Not the most tacticool, but hell, it works sometimes. ). That way you also have two HSLD kits that you can use depending on your mood. But then again my opinion is biased. I'm a complete FAPC ######!
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