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    April 2008
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    -Real Sword Type 56 (400 fps)-
    -Guarder AKS-74 with Guarder Internals, Russian tourniquet (390 fps)-
    -Tokyo Marui AK Light Custom with HurricanE Internals (380 fps)-
    -Tokyo Marui P90 (300 Fps)-
    -TM 1911-
    -WE Para Ordnance P14-
    -Marui M14 OD Stock (Stock ATM, soon to be upgraded)-
    -G&P based GAU-5/A (300 fps)-
    -Star M4A1 (300 fps)-

    Lots of Russians/Soviet Gear, and growing collection of Tactical Gear.
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    United States

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    Stargate Atlantis, Airsoft, Soccer, Running, Stargate (both TV shows and the movie), Warhammer 40K, Rainbow Six Games, COD4, anything that involves me taking something apart, or blowing something up. :0
  1. Hakkon

    Pics of your Gear

    I dig the multicam and the jeans. I think it's a cool look.
  2. Hakkon

    Pics of your Gear

    Deepeyes. What Jacket is that? It looks pretty cool.
  3. Hakkon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    What Mag pouches are you rocking for your AK? Does it take single or dual ak mags?
  4. Hakkon

    Pics of your Gear

    No worries. Glad to help. Yep, mine is a Gen II. I wanted to get a Gen I, but they didn't have one in stock when I wanted to order. Glad I did also, its a great rig. Sounds like a good idea you have for yours. Hope to see more pictures of it.
  5. Hakkon

    Pics of your Gear

    I had to get creative. With my BattleLabs pouches there set up so that there are two MOLLE straps on each end of the pouch (so the middle pouch has no MOLLE attachments, if that makes sense.) Because my (and possibly your) front bib didn't have full columns of MOLLE on the very end, I threaded one set, normally, and then the end pieces, I zip tied onto the vest. I debated putting MALICE clips in the center, but decided against it. There really isn't any play whatsoever in the vest from the pouches. They work great. Here are some images to help get an idea. Notice how the last MOLLE strap isn't attached to anything. A shot from above to get a little bit of a better understanding. As you can see, I really had to pry this apart to take the shot, meaning that there on the vest fairly snug. You can also see that my last column is a half deal, not a full column. Hopefully this makes some sort of sense.
  6. Hakkon

    Pics of your Gear

    My BattleLabs FAPC Gen. II and belt kit. Kit List: FAPC Gen. II BattleLabs Dual 9mm Pistol Mag Pouches BattleLabs Triple M4 Mag Pouches (stuffed with two 5.45 style Ak Mags each) Emdom B.O.M.B. Pouch on the back. Knives, Gloves, Glow Stick, etc... BattleLabs Assault Belt BattleLabs suspenders BattleLabs Triple M4 Mags (with one Ak mag each) BattleLabs M60 Pouch (used an Dump Pouch) BattleLabs Flashbang Pouch (Apparently I have a thing for BattleLabs... ) Missing from the picture is the Hydration Carrier inside of the Emdom pouch, and my radio w/ headset. My belt kit and vest are both a WIP. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should put onto my vest and belt kit to finish it out?
  7. Hakkon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Not the best pics here, and a lot of them were during a game that I really didn't get too kitted out for a Russian impression. Trust me, I usually look more Russian. That, and I don't really have any pics of me in my tac gear, rocking the geardo look. Not the best, but I have fun doing it.

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