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  1. Believe Marui actually attempted to get the proper angle as well. All other AKs use the 47/AKM style grip.
  2. Looks to be off of a Yugo M70.
  3. Please tell me that you aren't using that *suitcasey* CYMA sling on such a nice gun...
  4. If the AK74 muzzle break is threaded like the real one is, the cap will be 24mm. Standard AK are 14mm left hand, or -14mm. I have a real akm break on mine.
  5. Sounds reasonable. The pink fleshy stuff is much easier on the blade after all.
  6. Sadly, I've seen several G&G with broken stocks knocking around games here in Texas. I didn't understand why people were running battery bags and had removed the stocks until I got up close and took a look. Perhaps not widespread, but I wouldn't call your breakage an isolated incident...
  7. Not Wing Tsun guys. I don't really know where you got that, but its nothing like it, except for centerline and his tendency to shoulder rifles further in on the body...
  8. And ninja'd crayon into your cyrillic selector positions...
  9. I fingerbanged one a couple months ago, and it was tempermental. It shut off randomly from the recoil of a 7.62x39, mounted on an ultimak. And no, it wasn't heat buildup.
  10. T'is true Seraph. Eotech have quite a few problems, and its why you don't see many US personal using them, as the aimpoint is much more robust.
  11. Protip: It uses a microswitch as a trigger unit. Not a mosfet, but no contacts to fry, and you can very easily mod it to achieve an active braking effect.
  12. Yup, that'll do yah although you may have to remove the small collar on top of the motor.
  13. Nope. Either get a medium, or cut down the shaft of a long motor.
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