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  1. EmptyChambers

    Pics of your Gear

    Looks to be off of a Yugo M70.
  2. EmptyChambers

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Nice legs. Seems like you'd get pretty scratched up wearing those though. I know the South Africans did it, but it always looks a little odd to me. Still, it gets hot, and sometimes it worth it to be comfortable, eh Stuntman?
  3. EmptyChambers

    KJW M4

    They both use the same hopup bucking.
  4. EmptyChambers

    What music are you currently listening to?

    The GazettE: In the Middle of Chaos.
  5. EmptyChambers

    KJW M4

    Perhaps I should rephrase. More reliable than the WA/WE systems. The WA tend to experience parts failures in what, a few hundred rounds? I know the reports are out there. Why are you trying to hold this platform to a different standard than another? A sense of elitism? And none of the WE seem particularly trouble free either... WA hopups shatter, correct? They don't tolerate green gas? The bolt dies... I'm sure RATEch has a reason for producing a $250 replacement bolt, even before the AGM came out... What I don't understand is why people accept a crappy system simply on the grounds that all the parts can be replaced with expensive 3rd party components... KJW built this in collaboration with Tanio Koba...
  6. EmptyChambers

    KJW M4

    Nice to see a cheap reliable platform finally coming out of the cracks. I know people are going to *badgeress* about, say the AGM, but I consider it to be a non contender. When I see reports of critical parts failure within a few hundred rounds, and then several hundred dollars in repairing parts that are sub standard, in part of a flawed system, I really don't understand. Be interested in picking one of these up to be honest. The power would need to be sorted, but its not a particularly difficult issue.
  7. EmptyChambers

    Pics of your Gear

    But the RAV has that great used look with the tan pouch.
  8. EmptyChambers


    Negative. The Echo 1 ones shoot like 460 ootb.
  9. EmptyChambers

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Finding out that all the friends you have, are still unwilling to cosign a loan with you, despite the fact that you want something bad enough to sell alot of your other important stuff, and put yourself into a situation where you are raped by the banks with something like 14% interest...

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