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TSI Armouries Tavor Review

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To start off im going to do a first impressions/mini review the post a full colour picture review up later on when ive got more time.


Mini Review -


Ive got the TSI Tavor, which is frankly the worst airsoft gun i have ever owned and ive owned over 150 from the cheapest ACM to hi spec custom built.


It really is horrific, it just seems to fail more and more and more. So i decided to do somthing interesting with it, a lil project.


As for power, my god, its terrible, firing at about 270 - 280 fps.

Most shots bounce of thick card, and wont burst a can.

ROF is too slow even with a 9.6v.

As for accuracy? Well ill put it this way, my L85 with no hop has better range and accuracy!


To top off all that it takes 3 seconds to change from semi - auto! And that is hit and miss, sometimes on semi ull get a 3 - 4 shot burst an on auto get a 10 shot burst, other times you get 1 shot semi and you get auto.


Te mosfet is enourmous, the gun is about 25% too big, peices that should be metal or strong plastic are cheap and weak and more bits fall off all the time!


The gearbox is even worse, easy to dissasemble, but cheap looks ACM (did a comparison to an ACM P90 GB) well some bits look worse. You cant upgrade it internally, i tried a new spring, new piston & piston head, new gears (all should have worked) but just didnt, all i could change was the cylinder, which made it a little better. The spring guide looks asthough its coroading away.


One thing i found today was that the hop unit doesnt sit level, its slanted to the right, if you center it the gearbox wont go back in! Also there is no internal support at all, it really looks like something ive made myself, tbh i could probably do better.


Ive also found that there are no body pins only cheap screws, they can be cut with a knife. Also there is no uniform to the hex keys, some are imperial some are metric which is really bizzare and bloody annoying.


Its just full of silly design faults, like it comes with a large tamiya connector but a large battery wont fit in there. Also the battery compartment is not self contained, it travels through to the rest to gun! So if youve got a small batt inside it knocks around, hits the hop and all sorts causing havoc.


Ther inside of the gun seems VERY minimalistic and bare, when i open up my L85 or open up my P90 its full of bits and bobs that are all tightly secured inside. All performing very well and doing there job.


This gun is like opening up a Challenger 2 Tank and seeing a a moped inside! When your expecting a a Land Rover!


Considering this has a Mosfet & an electric trigger the trigger response is pritty slow, it sould be much much faster. All the wireing is visiable throughout the gun. So far ive found it wont accept Ares, Star, D'Boys, Classic Army, G&G magazines and wont fit any Mid-Caps. It will only accept ICS Hi-caps.


One thing i found to be a real ###### take! Was that the handguard while nicely attached with some CNC hex screws it was also what looked like super glued on, left alot of residue.


The body work is not good. Its advertised as 'Nylon Fibre & Polymer' Its ABS mixed with bad ABS. The metal parts are, however very good. Nice CNC steel rails and a good solid heavy barrel which is good. All the other parts are horrific the sling loop sheered off under the weight of the gun, which is hard to imagine considering it weighs less than a P90!! The selector feels like its going to snap off any time during a change, it also doesnt match up on the other side.


Ive done a few things that have made it a little better, i moved the MOSFET inside the gun out of the hand grip and installed a laser inside there which looks cool. I remove the sites totally and put an RD on, also sanded down the mould lines. Its funny the trigger guard is so big ive been using it as an AFG!


And after all this weve heard nothing from TSI explaining themselves. How the hell the IDF accepted this fro training i dont know, they must have all been on vast amounts of hallucogens.


Honestly this is up to the standards of a CHEAP ACM company.


To some up most of the gun is crude, poorly made, oversized, poorly manufactured & designed by a retarded chimp on acid.


Ratings -

Value for money - 0/10

Realism - 1/10 - Well it does after all look like a TAR 21

Externals - 2/10 - gets 2 because of the CNC rails & barrel

Internals - 2/10 - 2 because of the madbull TB, 14AWG & mosfet

Gearbox - 2/10

Accuracy - 3/10

Range - 5/10

Power - 2/10

Overal Performance - 3/10


SO a grand total of 20/90.


I told you, you would need that drink. Pictures & more details to come.

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Did you just get it in from the pre-order, or did you purchase one after all the issues from the initial release? I'm really sorry if you missed the thread about them, some people are so upset they are requesting refunds, my advice is to sell it and use the money to buy an ARES, it might be cheaper and easier than shipping it back to TSI.

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It was actually a pre-order from last year, to be honest i totally forgot about it.


Even though its bloody awful, i knid of like it not sure why lol, probably in denile.


ARES is the ONLY choice, thing is TSI are releaseing a MARS Site, but if the guns anything too by that will be gigantic aswell.

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Yeah the Ares gets a bad rep, i reviewed it before this TSI thing was released but if i were to compare the two id say the Ares is the Ferrari to the TSI Lada.


i still think the ares is too pricey for what it is though, and there's a few small things they could improve apon to make it a really great gun. I still love it though. :)

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lol., post up some, just for lulz.,

Are TSI still selling these? they never surfaced on their website as far as ive seen,.



Heres an oldy, i made this around the time they were first starting to ship. pics are courtesy of another arnies user from the TSI thread. :)


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No. I believe they are still selling some of their Galil's, which are to this day more aesthetically accurate to all other Galil Replicas. Say what you will about the Tavors ... but their Galils are pretty awesome.

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lol., post up some, just for lulz.,

Are TSI still selling these? they never surfaced on their website as far as ive seen,.



Heres an oldy, i made this around the time they were first starting to ship. pics are courtesy of another arnies user from the TSI thread. :)



Is that a comparison of the ARES and the TSI? Dang...

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As promised the pictures I took -


Im not going to caption every photograph as a photograph tells a 1000 words especially here!



The block of silver metal is the only thing holding the outer barrel in & the only thing supporting the inner barrel.



Hop Unit -




Massive 'mosfet' -







Mag catch doesnt line up -



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