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A.C.M. Anti Material Rifle (AA0901)

Jon L

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i know its been said, but it needs to be reiterated.


its a 6mm clone of the marushin anti material rifle.


BTW, its a springer and theres no upgrade parts for it.


im surprised they cloned it since nobody bought the marushin version. NOBODY!

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i dont see it as an april fools joke. there are people who like the look. i like that fact that china is starting to take more marushin 8mm guns and making them shoot 6mm bbs. i want them to do more of that. theres money in cloning the M1s.

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aa ######! Thought that there was an A.C.M. M82A1 in the pricerange of the A.C.M. M99 "Snowwolf" (around 250 USD)...


Think i came a little when i saw the AMR text... Then, soon after, my day was ruined.


Has there been any news of a ACM M82? The ones in the market these days are just plain rip-offs and im slowly starting turn towards that springer.

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to be honest, the more i look at it, the more i want it. theres a lot of things that looks good to me and a lot of things that bother me, but i just want it.


at most, its to see if its unique, or if china took an upgradeable 6mm based system (VSR, APS2, ect...) and replace the internals of the maruzen with that system.


i don't know what you could do to make the gun took nicer though. magpul parts would be cool, but that would just clash with the wood.


i can see now that reloading is the same as marushins M500s. you flip a switch and extend the rod you see under the barrel an then feed BBs through a hole in the stock into the feed tube.

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