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A.C.M. Anti Material Rifle (AA0901)

Jon L

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I want one, if only for the fact that it's a bolt action rifle that actually has sights. I mean really, you can always replace the stock with something nicer looking (I bet a thumbhole stock would look pretty ace on this), and paint the wood black or replace it altogether. In my opinion, even with the horrid furniture choice, this gun is way cooler than most other sniper rifles out there simply because it has sights, and a receiver and barrel that looks like something other than a long black tube.


Man, I really hope they clone the shorter, full wooden stocked version marushin did. That thing is the definition of sexy.

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... Anti Material rifle?


Refers to super heavy calliber "sniper" rifles where the bullet is so unfeasably big it is adiquate to shoot clean through walls and vehicles and still kill a human on the other side, also the name applys to weapons of the same catagory that destroy vehicles directly (a .50BMG in the engine compartment will muck up any normal to medium vehicle)



The most common calliber rifle for modern Anti Material Rifles is the .50BMG, however the 20mm haspino and the boys .55 have also been used.

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you are right i guess, a lot os sites dont allow 8mm, and it is more compatible. perhaps you are right, i just think a novelty, limited edition 8mm will sell like wildfire, especially because it would be the only easily avialible 8mm bolt action rifle, and its under 100 dollars.

plus, from owning an 8mm gas gun, i know the ballistics are phenominal with heavy bb's. it would be more or less unskimishable, only for like 50m plus, but it would so epic to use, imagine the noice of 8mm at 350-400 fps hitting ur barricade :D

allas, the power would be unskirmishable at close range. but for 100 dollars id buy one just to use at long range. it would be undeniably epic





keith please o please get these back in stock



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Yeah, balistics would be better, but ammo price is pretty high and because it would be a "rara avis" it wouldnt sell as much as any VSR/APS2 replica, which is what ACM factories want, millions of sales :lol: Its weird enough for me to like it, but being a marushin clone... I wont buy it, Im a VSR fanboy :lol: maybe when im rich :P

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