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Sniper Pistols


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KWA fill valves work perfectly- thank you. I ended up not having to replace the oring which works out because they are significantly thinner than any I have currently. I also got upgraded replacement fill valve o rings but am having trouble getting the originals out...


Gun is looking good, I am getting a consistent 470 FPS on propane at 70 degrees f now with only a 5 or 10 fps drop through the mag. At about 85 degrees, I got 550 FPS so I am pretty happy with all results. Unfortunately I cannot range test and field this gone for a bit. I will be cqb-ing tomorrow but will find some duster gas which should bring down the FPS sub 350.


Very happy with results and closing this project up. If anyone has any questions or stumbles upon this in the future please PM me!


PS- Buyee and Tenso are the key to getting parts from Japan.



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Good to hear it all worked out. Your fps readings sounds much more agreeable than before. These old guns can be good fun to upgrade and can become formidable shooters. Hope you get a chance to range test it in the future, as this is where they really shine.


This has been one of my favorite thread revives, it really gave me the inspiration to continue work on my Digicons. Thanks  :)

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Bizarrely today I was thinking to myself "hmm I wonder if I could find another digicon straight to work on, they must be worth a bomb now"

AFAIK this one is still available:



I got lucky with mine; just happened that someone was willing to let one go right when I started looking

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