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The "aaaaaam" videos


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I'd rather not hang anybody out to dry

after all I have learned a lot from most of theese videos but still it kind of get to me....

Also the ones who knock over the camera and fumble around and pick it up and than just continue

A mean make another video dude ;7)

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hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there youtube *unboxes some *suitcase**

Oh yes indeed the unboxing and the generelly "Box" in first impression videos

Who gives a *suitcase* about the box as long as it did its duty and kept the things in good condision during transport???

"It comes in a brown cartbord bon not so much to tell about that" Goooood shut up and move along...

Best ones are the ones where they don't even take it out of the box and turn it around tor a better look

but leaves you sort of with the same picture of it as on the webpage where you can buy it


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Another pet hate on airsoft youtube videos:


reviewing a replica of a russian gun - BETTER DO A RUSSIAN ACCENT.


its the least funny thing ever.

Only time it was cool was Darklite's review of the PPSh.

"It's like a bear made of AKs" (or something like that)

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not encountered this yet! Link!


edit: the timer function isn't working so skip to 5 mins in. 


Imagine reviewing like a QBZ or something and starting with
edit I'm not saying its racist or offensive or anything but its just... lame. oh well. I have a face for radio and a voice for print so ;)
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