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Secutor Gladius 17 - Glock 17 pistol

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Secutor have released a GBB pistol called the Gladius 17. This is a modified glock 17 and comes in 4 flavours. I bought the grey version from Combat South and currently they have all 4 models in stock.


The GBB pistol comes with a CO2 magazine however it is also compatible with TM/WE style Glock 17 magazines and I've tried this and it works but more on that later.


It actually comes in quite a nice box and the pistol is securely held in place by cut out foam.



Opening the box reveals the pistol, magazine, instructions, spare cylinder and spare CO2 O ring for the magazine.



As you can see from the pictures below the pistol comes with a cutout slide, stippled frame and extended controls. The Barrel comes with a -14mm threaded adapter for the addition of the sound suppressor of your choice.




The outer barrel has some nice markings on top.



Now for a more in depth technical look at this pistol.


The pistol comes with a sticker on it claiming 1J so it's ready for UK skirmishing out the box. I fitted a fresh CO2 bulb to the magazine and loaded 23 0.2g bb's into the magazine and took it to the chrono. Some of you might notice the bulb goes 180 degrees to the normal way bulbs usually go into a CO2 magazine. This is because there is no direct flow from the bulb to the pistol and instead the CO2 fills a space around the bulb inside the magazine. This turns out to be a very good idea as there is very little cooldown (max 10-15 FPS over 3 mags worth of bb's)



As mentioned above I can get 3 full magazines off before I have to change bulb. Even the last shot was only about 15 FPS down on the first shots from the fresh bulb. The average chrono was about 345 FPS with 1 high of 355 and a low of 330.

I should mention at this point that the blow back is stronger than any other Glock that I have. It has a real snap to it.


So it's firing around 345 but some people might want to run it slightly lower at their sites and the good new is there are 2 ways to do this. 


One option is to use a TM or WE Glock 17 magazine. I tried a TM magazine and the FPS averaged around 280 on red gas and I could get 1 magazines worth of bb's off without a problem. I think using a WE magazine will improve this slightly to about 290 but I can't find mine right now to check. *EDIT* found a WE mag and it was averaging 285 on red gas.


The other option is a little bit more involving but I quite like the fact that Secutor have included a spare cylinder with the pistol. One is for winter (345 in the summer) and the other is for summer and averages 300 FPS. I used a set of calipers and both cylinder and nozzle holes are the same size however the release valves are different and this is how the FPS is being controlled. Fitting the new cylinder is pretty straight forward and all you do is remove the slide, remove the outer barrel and spring guide from the slide then remove 1 screw and the BBU slides out (try not to lose the spring!).

Slide the old cylinder/nozzle of and pop on the new one and you are good to go.




Internally all the parts look to be TM compatible so if something breaks a Guarder/TM part should fit.



The pistol features an extended magazine release, extended slide stop and threaded outer barrel with has a -14mm thread, The trigger has an additional safety catch which when engaged stops the trigger from being pulled and will stop any accidental firing.




The top of the slide has 2 positions for the rear sight and this will allow a Doctor sight to be fitted to the slide. There are 2 screw holes already in the top of the slide ready for a Doctor sight to be screwed into. The only issue I had with this is the screws I got with my Doctor sight are too thick so I'll need to find replacements if I want to fit a doctor sight to this slide.


I'll finish this review with a couple of observations and thoughts.


The grey frame is painted and is pretty hard wearing but I think over time the black original frame will start to show through.


I was reaching out to 40 meters accurately using .25's but I think a  9 ball rubber would make this reach out slightly further by lifting the bb's a bit more. The hop unit and all its parts are TM/Guarder compatible.



When I used my calipers on the inner barrel I found it to be 5.9 on both mechanical and digital calipers which I can only assume is wrong. The inner barrel seems to be stainless steel and looks good quality.


The sights use a U and dot set up and there are night sights which will illuminate if you shine a torch on them.


The slide and outer barrel are metal.


Do I like it? yup a lot.


Should you buy one? Do you want a funky Glock 17 which is full metal, can be used year round, can have a Doctor sight installed and TM compatible? then yes you want one of these.



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I like this a lot. Will be difficult to get in the USA, but I'm gonna try. I have a couple of APS style pistols and they work pretty good. I've actually used a couple of their "Salient" style slides on a couple of TM G17's and they work just fine and look pretty good as well.


Thanks for showing this.


*I wonder if the trigger could be swapped out for a Guarder "G" style?

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Glocks = APS

1911s = KJW

Shotguns = JG


The Glocks are APS for sure, shotguns JG for sure, i think they may have swapped the OEM on the 1911's, took a brand new one apart a few weeks ago and it was EXACTLY the same as the new APS 1911's,down to the same *suitcasey* fit and finish, same dual clear nozzle as you see on their glocks too. 

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