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I've just seen VFC have come out with a USP 9mm GBB. $185 on WGC. Not sure why'd someone would get this over a TM but options are nice I suppose.



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As soon as vfc make a usp compact or a p30 I will be all over it like a rash, I love my vp9 and have personally had no issues yet with it. That is unless WE come out with one first. I do find it a little strange that for ages the usp has been kicking about in .45 version but now all of a sudden the 9mm version is popping up all over the place.

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Inspector, on 16 Feb 2018 - 4:30 PM, said:

The vfc website also shows some decent pics with the “steel internals”. I have one coming in next week. As a plus it has a 17mm piston too!

I think all new VFC guns use the FNS/HK VP9 internals and blowback unit. those are indestructible (you will break numerous slides before you wear anything else, as I have proven)

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