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  1. Wow! 50$ for shipping a morale patch to Norway....

  2. Bought a second hand Dboys SCAR L at Berget, and with some TLC:
  3. Forgive me Father, for I have sin... It's been two days since my last Arnie's visit :(

  4. Just trying out some new random kit. Yeah probably lots of things missing, NVG-mount, etc etc, but it's a WIP.
  5. Finally got started on the airsoft buggy ;)

  6. 19 hour train ride to Stockholm coming up, attending a big CQB game. Tuning guns and packing gear takes its time, sleep is for the weak!

    1. Mike_West


      ...you gave me an idea. Any large games planned for Summer?

    2. counterassasin


      Finally back, it's been a great trip and an epic game! Yeah, going to Berget 8 as well ;)

  7. That party last night was awfully crazy...

    1. TheFull9


      I do so wish that we had captured it upon a video tape.

  8. All the 9 RS SVD mags I have, feed flawlessly with everything I've fed them, including G&G, KSC, SGM, and Madbull BB's.
  9. Do you mean the metal clamp on top of the gearbox, like the V3 gearbox has? Just slide it backwards, and it'll come off.
  10. Seeing the new matte black finish, makes me glad that I pre-ordered mine. The finish really makes it look more like a Dboys product
  11. What other features than the Anti lock-up switch does the newer SVD's have? I've only heard about the switch. Tangloppen: Nice SVU
  12. Mac 10 + RONI = MACaRONI?

  13. Well, I bought it a long time ago, when the Guarder kit was the only way of getting an airsoft AK-74
  14. When looking at all the eye-candy in this thread, I wonder if this will be suitable It's a Guarder kit, cost me 720$ from Un-Company. Don't know if I dare to add up all the costs, i.e. RS handguard and Rear Sight, but it's definitely over 1K$
  15. Weird, they have always replied me within 1-2 days
  16. Haven't really noticed the SVD got it's own picture thread, so here's mine: Stock King Arms SVD: After painting plastic wood: Real Sword:
  17. The mag catch on my steel one, only needed a gentle stroke with a file over. Not even a mm, and now MAG magazines sit rock solid
  18. As a side note, I recieved answer from VFC if they would sell the Steel AK-74M Outer Barrel. Their price was 76$ shipped for the outer barrel. So it looks like I'll be getting a steel barrel for my Kalash. Best of both worlds
  19. knivezs: Just go for it, it's 100% compatible
  20. On the barrel issue, I think so. But the scope rail has always been too small, even VFC's design is too narrow
  21. Same happened to my potmetal AK-74M at Berget. The Steel versions have a steel release button though
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