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    You can get Jeiti (I think I a misspelling it) camo from S & Graff and a few other shops in Akihabara that also have internet presences.
  2. DPDU kit: Almost fully complete just a fee small additions left to get yet.
  3. Finished my Aussie M4A5: And my Commando MICH 2002 as it stands:
  4. Noticed a serious lacking of Australian kits and felt this needed to be corrected I will start it out but let's see some Aussie love on here. ' Look forward to seeing some other kits new and old.
  5. Been messing around for a little while with making my own kit. This is an MJK RACK I made for my MBAV. I also made the integration straps for the chest, the single point sling, and the retention bungee. I also made a QR attachment system for the Platatac Bullock as well.
  6. Nope, that is a TYR 417 triple..and it is an AMAZING pouch.
  7. SORD Multicam Plate Hanger: With Platatac Bullock on the back:
  8. I recently got this Mayflower UW GEN IV in Desert Digital (AOR1?) and it is a sick rig...too bad it is DESDIGI though...I didn't pick the color and would have rather had it in Multicam..but hey what are you gonna do when you get a free rig?
  9. SGT Crocodilo, you got that look down man (on page 23 is his loadout). Your a big boy..LOL something I really love is what you did with that SAW. It is so much like what the TEAMS did in Vietnam to the M60's. Only thing I would add and recommend is a Bungee Cord to help reign in those fins brother. But over all very nice kit my man.
  10. OCP ACS Prototype: Side by side with the issued final ACS: The two are pretty much the exact same except for the Multicam material on the upper chest and the quarter zip collar.
  11. Wow they even copied the Esstac stencil on the bottom of the Kydex. That is taking cloning kit WAY to far.
  12. Lerch is the new Improved Combat uniform out yet and if it is what is your take on it?
  13. CKinnerley where did you get the tan metal tri-glides?
  14. AOR1/Desert Digital 1 point sling: ATACS AU Chest Rig MOLLE Adapters:
  15. Does anyone have the Dragonred Airsoft combat set and some real Multicam they can compare?
  16. Mr. Jon- I really like the SOB sling so far. It was something I read about and friends I know had talked about them so I grabbed it. I have not been able to mess with it in a skirmish yet but will get a chance for it this weekend. From just playing with it in house I think is is extremely well thought out and would have been really nice to have had on m tours in Iraq. I like the simplicity of the thing for sure.
  17. New piece of kit, a Sheriff of Baghdad sling. Nice kit
  18. I kind of like it, I saw some Larue OBR Predator pictures with the T-1 and it was pretty sick. Light weight and simplistic is always a good way to go. I would like to add a magnifier like you have on your or a 1X-4X ELCAN.
  19. I dig the raided Tigers.
  20. MASSIF Combat top in OCP (Multicam). It is one of the best combat shirts I have worn.
  21. From a game this weekend. Infantry kit is pretty much complete now. It was so hot and humid I plated in shorts with a buddy for the last match of the day. Kit list if anyone is interested.
  22. Working out the kinks in my kit for the multi-day game in Japan in OCT. US Army Infantry 2011ish.
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