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  1. so i ordered a set of these, the sizing is way off..... medium regular = large regular, a full set for sale here, whilst i order some small regulars . Quality wise though, really good. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/210925-dragon-red-crye-gen3-m81-combat-set-large-regular-brand-new/
  2. Dragonred sell half decent crye cut copy's .
  3. Another 1961 to the collection this time an AR variant.
  4. Added a suppressor and trying out with my different lower,
  5. New lid for the Pie,swapped some bits from my DIY 2001.. Ops Core Carbon in Digi desert
  6. Love the JPC Extraordinaire,Shoulder pads look a good upgrade, can pull a bit with plates in, heres my WIP JPC, and my CPC,
  7. No issues with mine, and tbh , first issues I've heard, you guys putting them in sideways?
  8. Peltor or comtac mounts will need modifying, as will your sordins, nothing too technical, but it'll involve cutting the band on the headset, and slightly bending the mount arms I think.
  9. Very nice, what's the blade on the off side? Strider?
  10. Well now we have that info, it might be a bit easier for someone to ID
  11. Scorch, I'm gonna ask the obvious question, but what did you "search" for in able to bring that pic up? As the fact you've found a picture, might help you ID it. My money would be on a kayak or rock climbing lid, maybe fire service or police.
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