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  1. Does anyone here think it would be wrong to put a M4 KAC QD silencer on a scar? Or should I play it safe and stick with the Private Parts scar suppressor?
  2. Nice, Jimel. Thats the best looking 1911 I've seen in a long time.
  3. ###### me off too man. So the KA Eotech is pretty good? I'm snooping around for a replica right now.
  4. Not for me. Maybe just tell us how to get there from the homepage?
  5. Just to keep up with the Pachmayr theme.
  6. Yeah, I've tried wrapping washcloths around the barrel and using a wrench to turn it but it won't budge. I thought of using a vicegrip to keep it in place but I don't want to risk bending/denting the barrel. Does anyone know if vfc is selling spare std outer barrels?
  7. Yeah, when I got it awhile back it came with the blaze orange tip. Part of the barrel? You mean the cqb inner barrel? Or the spacers maybe?
  8. Is there some secret to getting the std outer barrel off? It seems like its over-tightened but I'm not 100% sure...
  9. Ubar- Thats the perfect setup imo. Where do you keep the battery though?
  10. Does anyone know some crazy cheap place to get a decent quality metal slide? My swat custom II is developing a nice sized crack in it. If I'm gonna have to pay $150-$200 for a slide then I would rather just get a different pistol.
  11. I've read somewhere that TM Vietnam mags don't work with the VFC. Not sure if thats thats true with any of the other SCARs or not. Also TM std mags are a pretty tight fit but they feed perfectly.
  12. You are CORRECT sir! It's still a pretty snug fit for me, but mainly because of my mini's long wires. I've always had problems with them. Now if I can just get the damn outer barrel off without scratching it I'll be set.
  13. Has anyone else found it hard to get a battery in the VFC? With a mini in there I can't retract the stock. Another little downside is my overtightened std. outer barrel won't come off. Yay... Overall nice gun though.
  14. Souske, we defiantly have the same taste in rifles. Looks beautiful! BTW, what technique did you use to get that worn look?
  15. Yeah, I knew that was coming. Believe it or not all of it has a purpose. Once I get new rail covers for the rifle I can take it some off. As for the kimber the tape and one screw on each side is all thats holding the grips on. Time to visit the hardware store!
  16. I'm finally finishing repairs (the month long shipping time didn't help). I gave it a new paint job, but I'm still not completely done with some wiring issues. And my Kimber, which is having some issues of its's own right now....
  17. Can you actually get to those zipties on your back? Or am I missing something? Might want to do something about all the loose ends on the knee and elbow pads too.
  18. My favorite site for wallpapers. 60+ pages of awesomeness. http://fantasyartdesign.com/3dgallery/a-di...pictures-3d.htm
  19. Off topic, but why do I see no prints in the snow to your location in the last pic motto? Did you float there?
  20. Not nearly everything, but its to damn cold to drag any more out.
  21. Well its wonderful eye candy, but I would still choose the Kimber over it any day.
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