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  1. My new acquisitions Ceradyne Spear Vest (XL) Safariland SPEAR ELCS PPI MTV (XL)
  2. Finally got an AK in my collection.. well since it's been so long why not get 2? One of these is a GNG AKMS and the other is a LCT AKMS 2009 conversion kit. Can you tell the difference??
  3. My new ACU loadout.. Maybe too many pouches for some, not enough for others.. Figured with this much real estate, why bother carrying a belt or thigh rigs that always never seem to stay in the correct place. From front to back... - Eagle ACU Maritime CIRAS XL (had a land one in the past, never fond of how the land secures itself) - Eagle Neck and shoulder protectors (inserts on the way...) - BFG Ciras sling - TT utility poucn - TT Triple pistol mag pouches - TT small tool pouch - Safariland 6280 for P226 mounted to molle fork on vest - 4x TT Triple M4 mag pouches (I disli
  4. Good seller, kit was like new.


  5. A great seller, I will defiantly buy from him again. Thanks again for the awesome M9!

  6. twonuts


    My MK12 Mod1 (sorta) GBBr.. Before I begin, yes I know the scope mount is wrong but I used it since the correct one is in route.. G&P WOC Base G&P SPR conversion kit with G&P OPS Inc. 12th model silencer G&P m3 replica Magpul MIAD Magpul PTS UBR Harris HBLM-S bipod Prime AEG hopup unit with 590mm AEG barrel RATech VLTOR NPAS I haven't had the ability to shoot long distances due to my location and the fact our field hasn't been open for play in quite a while. My last good chrono of the gun had me hitting about 575FPS on Propane with the NPAS turned all the w
  7. Great seller, went far out of his way to help when there was a problem with one item. Would happily buy more from him.

  8. I think so, agian I'm using the movie shots as reference, so dunno how accurate that may be. Also if you use the movie as a reference the AR15 handgaurds were held in place by a A2 style delta ring, I haven't had any luck tracking down handguards of the style that will fit a triangle delta ring.
  9. Heh, better follow up an M733 with my M727.. Damn I have been watching Black Hawk Down too much as of late Just missing the SW-Cheetah and a flashlight mount to complete the look!
  10. Top seller - friendly comms and stays interested until you have your item. Would trade again without hesitation. :)

  11. Superb seller. Bought a p226, arrived promptly and exactly as described.

  12. The G36KV3's flat top rail looks to be the same height as the "C" rail, without the ridges above the charging handle (this is a few mm shorter in terms of height than the "KSK" rail). However, if you look at the SRC G36, you'll notice the rail is about 3/4" too short (in terms of length) and does not extend all the way back to the end of the receiver.
  13. Why buy it from a store when u can get it from me? http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...0&p=2002314
  14. You find this rail avaialble on gunbroker.net from time to time and I got mine for $90. Luckily for me, there happened to be 3 avaialble at the time and all three came off a SL8. Wonder if you could get the actual SL8 part from a dealer and how much that would actually cost. The Doc Rak one is a lil shorter than the "KSK" one as it seems to be more based off a fully-flat "C" rail sans the sights.
  15. Yep, it's an actual "KSK"/SL8 rail (where the rail originally came from). This thing weighs more than my all metal M4 sopmod, heh.
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