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  1. Just the lens that comes with the kit. The Nikon 18-135 f/3.5-5.6. Doesn't perform well in low light, so I need to get the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 My Flickr
  2. I was just thinking of that kind of bulb earlier today!
  3. LOL, nice. I could get an engine swap with a Dodge SRT-4, but that's takes tooo much money. I love my Neon, the handling is amazing, acceleration is very good, and gets about 26-27 mpg!!
  4. I'm 16, and this is my first car: 2003 Dodge Neon SXT, after working Summer, I'll get a small dent fixed, a Kaminari body kit, then new wheels. I may have to sell my VFC 416 though...
  5. Usually a two-toned streak paint job sucks, but something about yours give hope to them... lol Great paint job; now paint that aimpoint!!
  6. Should have followed them around the shop repeating, "Don't even think about it!"
  7. Well he did just get done painting..
  8. I recently acquired a Gerber knife, and took the chance to take a few pictures during our snow storm. Just Beautiful!! Not B&W btw!!
  9. Beautiful M4 Milla! What variant? May I recommend this? Unless the gun you're trying to replicate uses that grip.
  10. The KSC looks metal, is it metal?
  11. Some reason it looks like the top one could literally fly.
  12. Nice, almost what I want to do! I was thinking of the KA CASV, then I remembered PROUD makes one. Do you recommend the KA?
  13. Phantom makes one, yes it has MOLLE to attach to a vest. $46!! http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=20301 Sorry Cold I can't make it to that one
  14. Only for wholesale? ... I'll look more.. http://www.proudtacticalgear.com/index.php...emart&Itemid=31
  15. pfff... thanks sherlock, I think we can all make that deduction! Right now I'm not sure which one it is, but I'm sure PROUD makes a repo. I shall research now...
  16. I will be buying a base G&P M4A1, and will do quite a bit of modifications for it as my 2nd AEG. I thought it would be cool to see the process of fellow airsofter's modifications. Can a separate section in the forums be created for such purposes? Separate topics for each member whomever chooses to modify their gun and would like to show the process through images, steps, and explanations as to how they did so.
  17. Nice loadout... I wish they made CIRAS Replicas in MARPAT.... I'd buy that!
  18. Sure go ahead, lol I put ( Included ) in the description. I'm selling it so I forgot to take those out!
  19. Classic Army M15A4 CQB [ Painted Krylon OD+Tan Mix ] • 170% Spring ~ 405 fps • 455mm KM TN Tight-Bore ( 6.04mm ) ( Original Inner Barrel Included ) • CA Silicone Hand-Guard Switch Assembly ( Original Wiring Included ) • Modified Connectors ( Dean's ) ~ ( Battery Adapter Included ) • G&P Mk23 Silencer • Surefire G2 w/ Mount • G&P AN/PEQII 9.6v 3300mAh Battery Case
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