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  1. I'm not sure how feasible 'tagging' would be - it depends on whether there is a plug-in which is compatible with the forum software, which is Arnie's area of expertise. I can look into it though. I'm not sure what exactly you want changing to the link bar at the bottom of the screen. It only serves a 'quick navigation' feature, and doesn't really replace the traditional forum interface.
  2. To be honest the whole return of the reputation system was a bit of a surprise, even to the staff (me included). When it first returned I complained a little about it as it seemed like a return of the much-detested rep system we had before, which became an irrelevant popularity contest. This one, over time, I've come to realise, is a fairly insignificant version as it simply lets you know that what you're posting either is meeting with approval / disapproval - weirdly I've had more approval in my posts in here than in living memory - thanks for that! I think for now we'll leave th
  3. MA/6.5, then Spain, then a drive to der Nurburgring and back. Going to be a busy Easter. :(

    1. Shriven


      You put a sad face? You what?

    2. StarMonkee


      He's being anti social and emo again.

    3. Marlowe


      I am getting old; I like my breaks to actually be breaks...

  4. I've changed some of the descriptive text as suggested to better reflect usage. Keep the ideas rolling.
  5. Is pleased that the new feedback thread is being used sensibly rather than as a soapbox. :)

    1. TheFull9


      Go constructive and sensible thinking!

  6. Matt: thanks for the feedback. I entirely agree it makes sense to have all of the rules in one place - I think it was an oversight leading back a few years when R22Master first established the commercial rules as an announcement. While I have been at pains to update them, I never considered that there wasn't a copy in the rules section contained at the bottom left link bar which accompanies the new forum skin. Anyway, a long story short; I have added a copy of the rules as a pinned thread in the section - they are now visible at http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=194
  7. For Sale Forum Rules All other rules can be found at http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=386 100 Post requirement: All users will now requre a minimum of 100 posts before being able to view / access all sales sections (including valuations). This prevents fraudulent users from signing up, defrauding a member out of money, then signing up again and repeating this ad infinitum. Significantly 90% of complaints about trades were made against users with post counts below 100, and the number of complaints has plummeted since introduction. Existing members with sa
  8. I'm a bit confused. Isn't that what the section categories are there for already? How could we best implement this without just repeating existing content?
  9. Marlowe

    GHK AKS74

    Update as I just noticed your response - sorry for the necro. I've now sold mine to Fragmatic. There are a number of issues to contend with: 1) Some of the inlet valves on the magazines developed a slow leak. Try tightening the valves in further as some are fitted loose. If this fails to resolve the issue, they can be replaced with madbull inlet valves ( a straight replacement). 2) Over time the o-rings on the outlet (striker) valves can expand, which the OEM springs pushing the valves back outwards after being struck by the trigger can struggle to push against. As a result th
  10. This thread is dedicated to pictures of any CLASSIC airsoft replicas only. For the sake of argument, classic airsoft can be taken to mean any replica model manufactured prior to 2000. This means while a JAC MP5 or Asahi MP40 may be fine to post images of, a Dboys AK74 is not. Please remember, as always, this is primarily a image thread. All content should be of the related images - there's plenty of other areas of the forums for queries. With that said, have fun!
  11. I'm just setting this thread up as a permanent thread for everyone to make any constructive feedback they feel is appropriate, whether good or bad. While I recognise it is much easier to criticise than to be constructive, I must ask that any posts made here are made in a constructive manner - posts made just to bash the forum without suggestions for improvement will be pulled. Positive feedback, picking out elements of the site that you like and maybe want expanding, are also welcome - the more feedback you give, the more you can help shape Arnie's future shape. So...what do you think?
  12. It's not. We've been aware of it for a while. Basically if we catch anyone swearing, we'll pull it asap - please let us know if you see anything. Repeated offenders will end up being suspended and eventually banned. No-one needs a potty mouth on the interweb.
  13. Has anyone heard back from Ehobby since Chinese New Year? I am trying to bulk order M16A1s from them pronto and no reply. :(

    1. faramon


      Seperate companies so probably not really helping but I finally heard from RSOV today.

    2. bladerunner168


      Unlikely, past experience with HK shops after Chinese New Year is a backlog of upto 10 woking days, they reopened on the 7th.......

    3. TheFull9


      I sent WGC an e-mail a few days ago and nothing back yet when normally they'd reply within a day. Definitely a back log over there.

  14. until
    MORNING AFTER 6.5 A friendly, intimate airsoft weekender & social for Arnies regulars & friends. Very popular, so spaces are limited! If interested approach Marlowe to find out details / spaces. See you there!
  15. MORNING AFTER 6.5 Weekender
  16. AV Forums is based upon vbulletin, whereas we're based on IPB. I'm not sure if there's an update or plugin out to allow any of the flashier web 2.0 content like this, but I can ask Arnie about it. I do think you've seriously overrated the value of this feature though. People will double post out of sheer laziness - 9 out of 10 times, a dupe poster has not bothered to check for a predecessor. I agree that for the remainder of conscientious posters who genuinely can't get the search function to locate something this may help, but given the overall improvements to the forum's search function
  17. No worries. If people desperately do want a WTT tag adding I can do, but it seem pointless with us only having a generic 'Wanted' section in each geographic area anyway.
  18. If you can pinpoint where or what is causing the warnings, please post up here and we can look into it. It's probably an overzealous script you have but better safe than sorry.
  19. I use chrome and don't get any.
  20. I've just set up the site sections so that each now carries a geographical location in the category name. However, I don't realy feel there is a need for 'WTS / WTT' tags as the 'wanted' posts are much less numerous and easily covered within a single section. As the sales sections were always much more diverse in nature, this is why I categorised these.
  21. Facebook spam sorted.

    1. Vice
    2. Marlowe


      It's Arnie who deserves the thanks, but...thanks!

  22. I must confess I am struggling to see the benefit. Certainly it appears to carry none for the majority of forum users who adhere to forum rules and thus never need to know which moderator has done what. If a member wants to know which moderator has done something, they can simply contact myself or Arnie. As Misfit correctly states, the forum logs all action.
  23. Facebook spam makes me wonder if we should just pull this section...

    1. aznriptide859


      :'( you can't just remove the "FB Connect" link at all?

    2. L4byr1nth


      I quite like it, but if it's extra hassle, then it should probably go.



    3. TheFull9


      I say get rid of the facebook stuff entirely, I don't think I've actually seen anyone really making major use of it. Even the box down there V wouldn't be a massive loss, it's all available by other means.

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  24. slowly winding up his airsoft collection. If the nam team doesn't hit it off, he might be done.

    1. Maulkin


      Zie glorious East German Army awaits you!

  25. typed an awesome true airsoft-related story but closed the window. Typed this instead.

    1. cazboab


      Well there was that time you lit a grenade with your finger...

    2. TheFull9


      Man I hate it when that happens, so so much. Web browsers seriously need to start adding more functionality for keeping hold of forum posts and other message you've typed but not submitted.

    3. DarkMM


      Hmm is this the modern version of "The dog ate my copy-book" ?

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