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  1. I'm thinking that S&W hand cannon is real.
  2. oh, that has to be one of the worst puns ever
  3. Tacticool AK for insurgents? Doubt you would see such a thing but whatever, to each his own.
  4. I'll see if i can run down to the store tomorrow and pick some up. thanks for the tip.
  5. not quite, the camera makes it look funny. Its a rust colored brown.
  6. why the external extractor? you have a relpica of a gun that jams with hardball :-p
  7. "Parallax, or more accurately motion parallax (Greek: παραλλαγή (parallagé) = alteration) is the change of angular position of two stationary points relative to each other as seen by an observer, caused by the motion of an observer. Simply put, it is the apparent shift of an object against a background caused by a change in observer position." Its like on a cheap red dot scope where if you move the red dot isn't on teh zero you put it at. Aim your finger at an object about 15 yards away now move your head to the left or right while not moving and staring at your finger, notice how its not
  8. 8.5rps on the stock battery? It would appear TM's stock 7.2v 500MAH beats Well by a long shot getting about 14rps in my audio recording tests on the one i own.
  9. Nice Desert Warrior. Btw how is GRAW 2?
  10. paralax is where when you move your head the crosshairs move with it. with a paralax free scope cross hairs stay at zero no matter where your head is placed.
  11. CRKT Crawford Kasper Buck Short NightHawk
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