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  1. Decided to log in for the first time in who knows how long. I did some RC drift for maybe a year or two as a hobby to satisfy my need to tweak mechanical things until work just ate up more and more of my time as I moved up through the ranks.
  2. The carpet is a sort of watermark as I've yet to see another and hope to never see another. The sling is a Blue Force Gear Limited Edition AK Sling V2. -Piano
  3. More TWI parts arrived for my GHK. Keepin' it KardeN. -Piano
  4. @CDI Your MVD kit is horrible. -Batou
  5. Nice job on the fakeliting, Sigma3. That MAG brown color is absolutely horrible and I've never found out why they chose that color. -Piano
  6. Dober Guard Classcom Korund-VM Vest w/ Custom Made Inserts: -Piano
  7. That rail should work as the TX-M has a full length gas system (as opposed to an AMD-65 or AKS-74U). -Piano
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