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  1. charlieboy69


  2. Abelius agreed over 9000% they arnt particularly useful, and i prefer my m4 standard... i found i never use the acod/red dots... the m203 rarely... and i like the simple look....
  3. nah victory i like it standalone looks unique
  4. very nice Wai Hoong Chan im new to the HK scene, but is that a special g3 front end w/ flashlight? or a modded mp5 one? if the latter, was it hard to fit?
  5. from to since i lost my shotgun, i kinda wanted another, but something different. i didnt want to start a new thread, but does anyone think a pancor jackhammer is a possible shotgun to build? im getting a lathe soon and all parts are possible to construct/source (except any real steal bits, there are only 2 actualy jackhammers in existance) ive been looking at the plans and i have already worked out some of the specs along with how i wil get it to work.... im probably going to go for all metal (unlike the real thing) and have the magazine internal, but still have a removable
  6. errmmmm i bought it off sherlock on here a while back (he gave me a great price too) a "Custom polished standard PGC frame. Check UNCompany. They've made ones not polished for $500 USD. Good starting point with insurance." that was what he said when i asked him about the value (for my insurance) because it was stolen in august. the police then recovered it and returned it to me kindly. hence all the scratching. so glad the guy didnt try and fiddle with it. threada is here and page 3 has pics (dont want to spam this thread with none 1911s) http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/
  7. TM springfield armoury. real wood caspians. 3 hole trigger, no idea of make, ambi safety. yeh but how many of your guns have been stolen and in the hands of a criminal until the police drug raid the house and find it?
  8. awesome wanna post mine soon
  9. midnight sailor any chance of the specs of what ya got there.... its beautiful or maybe some more pics? cheers
  10. thats pretty cool i reckon it would look good with a silver hammer, or silencer or both i like the thumb safety. is that standard on the meu?
  11. i reckon it needs an arpeture sight..... or at least a reflex. and a vert grip at the front not a thompson one neither, i mean a proper vert grip
  12. love the night vision goggles. u got a guide on how to and the cost of all the bits? ive been looking for cheap/unique set....
  13. friend sent me the original, i made this and uploaded to photobucket in under 1 minute
  14. loooks awesome as a 9mm..... mmmm just gave me an idea.... 9mm sr25 anyone? lol
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