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  1. charlieboy69


  2. charlieboy69

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    from to since i lost my shotgun, i kinda wanted another, but something different. i didnt want to start a new thread, but does anyone think a pancor jackhammer is a possible shotgun to build? im getting a lathe soon and all parts are possible to construct/source (except any real steal bits, there are only 2 actualy jackhammers in existance) ive been looking at the plans and i have already worked out some of the specs along with how i wil get it to work.... im probably going to go for all metal (unlike the real thing) and have the magazine internal, but still have a removable magazine. anyone have any thoughts? i havnt started yet, im still thinking, and i may change my mind. but ever since delta force landwarrior. i loved the thing
  3. charlieboy69

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    thats pretty cool i reckon it would look good with a silver hammer, or silencer or both i like the thumb safety. is that standard on the meu?
  4. charlieboy69

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    loving the 249 castle
  5. charlieboy69

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    idk about the internals of the m1100, but shortly before my m870 was nicked ( ) i took it completely apart, right down to the gas chamber. its pretty simple really, but the gas chamber, where the gas is presurized before a pin pushes the valve open, is not very strong, so an upgrade would be hard. plus its a very fidly mechanism and there is no room to make it any bigger. maybe on the m1100, because it has no pump, you could mod it with a bigger/stronger chamber, but i dont know how easy that would be. however, if you could do this there is no reasonw why it couldnt do like 350 fps with 5 bbs. i cant remember who off hand, but somone here was telling me that they did a CO2 mod. it worked amazingly for a while, then the gas chmber exploaded, literally.
  6. charlieboy69

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    darklite, i have the EXACT same glock, with the exact same bits on it. im cheap, so mines just a cyma with clone bits n bobs lol
  7. charlieboy69

    What's your backup?

    Gliderrider lol i totally hear you WA SHAN mad max sawn off (with a load of shells + catridge belt - really does turn heads at skirmishes ) and a ###### load of pyro(gotta love airsoft scotland) that combination makes for a deadly CQB loadout . do u have the 6mm sawn off or the 8mm?
  8. charlieboy69

    What's your backup?

    m4 patriot, sawn off wa shan 8mm, mac11, whatever i got, i get over half my kills with my main back up though- a stock tm m1911, the most PWNAGE gun ive ever owned/seen (for the monies)
  9. charlieboy69

    What's your backup?

    i find i cannot carry enough guns, i currently use 2 mac11(ksc) and a tm 1911 and a wa berreta 1934 as my backups lol its heavy

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