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  1. Nope. Harder rubbers seal better, but softer rubbers grip more. Heavier BBs work better with softer rubbers, but higher air pressure seals better with a harder rubber. In an AEG, which has only a small lip to seal against the nozzle, this can be a major concern. The we/TM gbb rubbers, however, will never experience blowby because of their long, thick sealing section. As a result, using the softer rubbers is fine.
  2. Hop-up and barrel wise, I'd recommend a mapleleaf delta or decepticon rubber in 50deg hardness, paired with either a mapleleaf or Angrygun inner barrel. If going for the angrygun barrel make sure it's the old style cut, not the new WE specific cut.
  3. DWP go "We can start you on JSA from today if you want to put in an application but we cannot backdate JSA, nor can we acknowledge that you were actually unemployed from Oct 2016 because the Council said you were working for them at that time." Council go "We can't acknowledge you were unemployed from Oct 2016 because the DWP says you weren't and we won't check our own records for some inane reason." The fees aren't set by the solicitor - they are set by the courts, since July 2013, thanks to the Tories. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/work/problems-at-work/employment-tri
  4. It's not small claims, it would apparently fall under the auspice of an employment tribunal, type B claim, and as such the total fee I would have to pay is £1,200. I could get some of that waived if I had proof that I was unemployed and on JSA but, oh wait, technically I'm employed for 0 hours a month.
  5. I'll leave it lie. Also I think I replied before I saw your edited post so that typo threw me off a bit. In any case, I was posting about how I'm utterly done with dealing with idiots who voted to leave getting upset about the effects of voting to leave and blaming people who are just pointing out the effects of voting to leave. Second rant of the day: Council point blank refuses to pay me any of the council tax I had to pay whilst unemployed (circa £800 or so) because I cannot provide evidence that I was on JSA at the time. I cannot do this because the Council, my previous
  6. Of course, currencies and markets are volatile and change in ways we don't expect, but to shrug off the greatest single-day devaluation of the pound in it's entire history as being caused by things other than Brexit is at best naive and at worst disingenuous.
  7. Over the long term, the pound was declining slowly. However, immediately after the result there was a massive collapse and the pound is still substantially lower than it was. And a longer analysis from 2015-2017: As for the IMF/World bank: Yes, though that was in 2015, and they said it was overvalued by 5-15%. That value was also calculated based on the assumption that we were going to stay in the EU.
  8. Someone asks me to tell him how much it will be to upgrade his M14 Socom. I give him the price. He gets upset because last year he got me to upgrade his AK74 to the same standard and it cost less. I tell him, politely, that the decline in the pound's value means that parts are now 20-25% more expensive as they are all manufactured overseas. He then rants about how remoaners like me are just trying to talk the UK down and just want the UK's economy to fail because we're traitors to the people etc etc I am not upgrading his M14 SOCOM.
  9. Forgot my gloves today for le skirmish. Naturally, spent the entire first hour of gameplay slowly pushing up a flanking action on a steep slope covered in nettles, brambles and thorns, requiring me to climb up said slope with no gloves. Luckily, I only bled most of my blood.
  10. Anyone want a free legit copy of ARMA: Cold War Assault? (AKA Operation Flashpoint)
  11. I got taken to Berlin for a weekend by my girlfriend. Took her to an army surplus store because I wanted some Strichtarn. They didn't have anything in my size. She walked away with a nearly complete set of uniform, webbing and gear. :C So naturally I am getting stuff in my size from the UK instead so we can both do NVA stuff.
  12. Because unfortunately, there are a large amount of men who have been brought up to think of women as property that should rightfully belong to men. To those men, a woman who simply doesn't want to be with them isn't acceptable, but a woman who cannot be with them because they are already 'owned' by another man is acceptable. You're right, people should be honest and tell unwanted suitors politely that they aren't interested, but for a woman in certain parts of the world that can be a very risky proposition. Women have literally been killed for it. *fruitcage*ed up societal roles on
  13. Depending on prices, I'd be up for a WE kit.
  14. Is that the WE? Very nice.
  15. christ the saga of the lost box (From *fruitcage* JULY) continues: 1) Friend sends me a box full of my pistols and magazines worth roughly £4000 but doesn't tell me he's sent it or the tracking number 2) Box doesn't get delivered, instead sits in the parcelfarce edinburgh depot for a month and they don't contact me 3) Box gets returned to sender in July 2016 4) I find out about missing box 5) Box never arrives in HK 6) HK post tells me they need ParcelFarce to send me a letter to sign stating I didn't receive the package so they can investigate 7) Parcelfarce send me the letter but it never a
  16. Now now now, let's all come together and heal the divisions of the political shitstorm which certainly isn't the government's fault, and ignore the NHS being underfunded into the ground which is also not the government's fault, and instead blame the forrins for stealing our bendy bananas (but the government didn't tell you that)
  17. You'd need to clamp the barrel in a collet, get a 90 degree collet block and then go to town on a pillar drill.
  18. That's really good to hear mate (the progress, not the hotness)!
  19. Going back to Hong Kong for a fortnight to see family. Sent some christmas photos back to the parentals, first reply I get back is "You should lose some weight before you come back, you look fat." Awesome. Gonna be a fun fortnight.
  20. They all perform largely the same. The SCAR H has the biggest recoil weight so it theoretically has the best recoil. The SCARs are a maaaaaaaaaaaaassive pain in the *albartroth* to open up though, even to get to basic things like the hop up unit. I'd stick with the HK416.
  21. Last order I put in with them got smacked by customs.
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