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  1. I need a vest to have around as a backup plate carrier. Is the Pantac almost as good as the Eagle?
  2. content* Hate to be a spelling Nazi, but contempt portrays the exact wrong meaning you were going for haha.
  3. Anyone know a good place to get a PK-AS scope for my GHK? I've been looking all over the place and I can't find one, real or knock off. I really have at thing for PK-AS' as they just look badass and I love their optics. Any ideas guys?
  4. I still cant get over the wrong charging handles on the Sig 556's...
  5. This is very true. For load bearing stuff, you can hide more mags in a wasatch then you can in almost any other system out there. I've seen dudes at my local site who have 20 mags strapped to themselves and they don't really even think about it. That's one of the reasons I use a weesatch; it's compact enough to be palatable and comfortable, but yet has that mag carrying capacity, especially since I use locaps and midcaps and frequently get into extended firefights.
  6. Idk, that back plate carrier is awfully small. I think it's the Weesatch for me; I need to carry 10x12 standalones and I need massive stitching and a humungous pouch for my plates. I guess for airsoft it'd be fine, but I skirmish mostly with real deal gear on to get used to the weight and what I can and can't do in combat. For me it's training, so Idt this is for someone like me. Other than that, it looks wicked cool and if I weren't such a nut about wearing actual armor plates while playing airsoft, I'd wear one of these, especially considering the cost.
  7. An SVD only looks like a Kalashnikov... the operative mechanism, controls, furniture, optics mounts, magazines... everything... is all completely unique.
  8. ^ Tony Rumare gun there... Tromix built... it aint pretty but ALL of their stuff is damn good so I'd expect their Siamese AR's to work flawlessly.
  9. I've got a real one, rifleman configuration with the cross draw in OD green... build is pretty damn good but it's one of my least favorite LBV's to wear. I find it rides up on me far too much, even with the vest adjusted properly, because of the slickness of the nylon on the inside of the vest. I tried using the built in belt attachment but it's bulky and cumbersome to don and doff and is very uncomfortable. The hydration bladder holder in the back of the vest is virtually useless; I own 3 blackhawk bladders and they're great, but I keep them in a separate back because in the vest the b
  10. I never understood why such a kickass military such as the Brits would use such a sheisty breakup pattern :/ Cmon guy's this is the 21st century... get some MC or digital breakup haha.
  11. Pinkfloyd

    Crazy stuff by PinkFloyd

    All sorts of funny gun pictures I've taken of me or of my friends and teammates.
  12. Worst airsoft gun ive ever seen, you can have mine for free if youll pay the shipping...
  13. So am I. Colour blind that is. The color called maroon and the color called forrest look the same to me.
  14. Two words: *albatross* Grenade. You can thank my Gal for that one. It's actually an inside joke; we were in a skirmish and someone threw a grenade into our trench. Right before it went off I sat on it to save everybody in the trench, and thus the word *albatross* grenade was born. Mine, not my Gals, is: Hey Ahmed, you better get used to this cause this is what's going to happen in Guantonomo.
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