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  1. Vercingetorix


    More G3 goodness:
  2. Vercingetorix

    1911 Picture Thread

    No, they are these: http://www.customkillergrips.com/custompolymer.htm
  3. Vercingetorix


    Read this thread, it is definitely covered (has to do with removing the barrel with the hop-up turned on), though I cannot remember what the fix was (as I sold off my Masada for profit LOL. I prefer my VFC SR15s)
  4. Vercingetorix

    1911 Picture Thread

    A beauty for sure, kudos to you sir.
  5. Vercingetorix


    I'm not too sure those wires will be all that flexible, usually if the insulation is thinner AND tougher, it also means its stiffer, which can be a major PITA. Personally, I love the spools of this stuff I bought around 2-3 years back. 25feet has lasted me forever (I only use it for my own guns.close friends guns, and having rewired at least 7-8 guns at least in that time period, I still have a majority of the wire left). If I am not mistaken, its about as good as 16 AWG wiring gets, and not to ridiculously expensive for 25ft spools of red and black.
  6. Vercingetorix

    What music are you currently listening to?

    One of these days- Pink Floyd
  7. Vercingetorix

    1911 Picture Thread

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....... I now want a WA 1911. I hate airsoft All my monies gone, all the time....
  8. Vercingetorix

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Cat Stevens- Peace Train. Goes good with the mellowness of finishing summer reading....
  9. Vercingetorix


    Yeah, they told me that, I got all sad and depressed(well not so much on the last part). 3 days later I get an email saying my Masada just shipped I certainly didn't look that gift horse in the mouth Also, the PTS masada is epic win because it can fit an 11.1v 35c 2200mah battery in the handguard, if you make the config like: - = (one cell separate from the other two) I had CHBP make one up for me a year ago for my now sold A&K, but the A&K was too small to fit the battery and the wire poking out at the angle it was(something I forgot to account for when getting the battery). Glad I held on to it for so long. The battery: http://cheapbatterypacks.com/?apage=prodpage.asp&invid=Elite2200-35C-3s&sid=581078&bc_menuid=83F78CFEB3 (unfortunately is OOS, you can most probably find it elsewhere). Now, if only I had a working DVD *grumble* *grumble* And are anyone else's pins all rough and the paint worn off, OOTB? And it turns out the rattle is because the pin is to small for the pin hole (or rather, the pin hole is to large for the pin) creating an annoying small amount of rattle, but with the aforementioned battery installed, because its so snug a fit, it stops this.
  10. Vercingetorix


    So I'm back from the land of Mountains and zero interwebs access, and found a nice little package containing my new Masada on my doorstep. I didn't bother to take initial pictures, because there are more than a few others on here and mine looked no different. Firstly, its awesome, better than the A&K by miles externally (finishing level, materials, weight). I haven't converted it to deans, but I borrowed a friends small tamiya 11.1v lipo and chrono'd. 330-333 FPS w/ .2s. Good ROF, certainly better than the Ares guns I've shot, and better than the A&K one was stock, too. In addition, the gun sounds really quite smooth, with only a hint of whine, which is most definitely coming from the motor. Meh. Once I swap it to deans, I'll get a range test in and do some more extensive testing. Everything on the gun is solid and operates smoothly, except these fews things. The foregrip and barrel are wobbly. At first I thought the foregrip was actually loose with regards to the receiver, and I used some electrical tape to try and fix this. No dice. I then realized that when the foregrip would shake, the barrel would too. The barrel didn't shake nearly as much when I just tried to shake it by itself, while holding the foregrip in place. This leads me to believe that either a pin or screw holding in the barrel locking trunnion is loose, as it is also where the foregrip locks on. The material they used to make the barrel locking mechanism is definitely a softer material, as I can see it starting to deform after a few tries. Dunno why they didn't use a stronger aluminum alloy or steel, as this is probably one of the easiest areas to cause a failure in. Gonna have a go fixing the wobble problem today. Oh, since nobody seems to have mentioned this annoying/surprising detail, the gun is threaded 14mm clockwise, not counter-clockwise. This sucks, for me, because all my aftermarket FHs and suppressors are CCW. Some other issues, the finishing on the screws and pins on this gun is at least as bad as it was on my old A&K. Many of them came with the finish already rubbing of, or with some sort of marks on them already. The front sight also has finishing imperfections, with the paint being rubbed/shipped off in a few places. So far, however, these are really only minor issues, though for the barrel/foregrip issue I'd have hoped they'd use a better material for that part, as inevitably excessive force will be applied getting the barrel on or off. And my original PTS PMAGs (not M rev., and all 11 of them) don't seat without a fairly strong tap on the bottom, which is a bit perplexing as the M rev. one seats beautifully. But the gun, overall, is a real beauty, and definitely on par with similarly priced VFC's and such. My VFC SR15 had similar minor issues: wobbly stock, mags seating issue, crappy finish on some of the minor metaly bits (mag catch for one, selectors weren't to good either, and the stock tube was really bad), and a minor whine/crappy stock motor. Overall, I am pretty damn please with the gun how it is, and once I tighten a few screws I think I'll be satisfied (I HATE WOBBLY HANDGRIPS/STOCKS!). My A&K was nice, but not close to as nice as this, and I definitely feel it was worth getting rid of for this. Pictures soon. Another issue I have, though it is theoretical a this point, is that from looking at the included pictures of the 10.5in barrel and some pictures I found online, I highly doubt most of the airsoft suppressors and some of the wider muzzle breaks will fit, as the gas piston operating system gets in the way. Considering 1/2 of all CQB gun users eventually try adding a suppressor to their guns ( in my experience, from working at a local airsoft store and going to games/checking out forums and such), this seems a little silly to me. 'Course I'll probably still end up buying it OH and, my complimentary DVD thing came cracked Can anyone hook me up with one, or a place where I can get a new one?
  11. Vercingetorix


    Buy the FDE and buy real Bushy/Remington parts for it (since the real one doesn't have an FDE color, tis that weird coyote/mustard brown thing), if you check bushmaster, they have the stocks and forends for sale on their website, and I think the stock should fit with minimal mods, the forend *might* fit, but I doubt it at the real one doesn't have the built in sight.
  12. Vercingetorix


    I'm just itching to get mine to compare it to my VFC SR15.... In ehobby's new video they say something about them being restock, does that mean that they already got another shipment?! Hopefully mine will be waiting for me when I get back from AK.
  13. Vercingetorix


    UNCo's website has been known to have malicious code like trojans on it, and its slow as balls for me on safari, opera and firefox(maybe it just won't make friends with Macs). As such, I decided to go with eHobby. Order sent/paid for, hopefully it'll turn up by next tuesday, because I'm off to the land of grizzly bears and Sarah Palin for 2 weeks after that. Also got one of them Dytac KAC mount T1s. Hopefully mine won't be *suitcase*/nonworking, because returning stuff to HK is a *badgeress*! Long as I get these items before Senior year starts, I'll get some decent review in.
  14. Vercingetorix


    Once I find a place with one in stock and have one in my hands, I will do just that, with lots of luverly high-res pictars and lots of data to digest. Can someone please tell me is the FDE is actually IN STOCK at ehobby? Or point me to another HK place that is reputable that is actually IN STOCK of the FDE version(most I've seen say out of stock, in stock/pre-order, or now, or some combination=frustration and confusion), and not UNCompany because their website is horrible and takes 50 billion hours to load.
  15. Vercingetorix


    Is Ehobby actually in stock with the FDE ACRs? What optic.... I am thinking Dytac T1 with KAC mount.... Hmm.... Edit: MVG is it... /edit Are all the internals just standard v2/M4/M16 parts? What type is the airnozzle? Tappet? Spring guide, cylinder head, etc? It has a short motor, right? If so, does anyone know if it is possible to get tienly motors in the short type?

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