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  1. This, thank god someone gets it. Honestly, it isn't about your abilities as a tech or my "panties getting in a bunch," its about stopping nonsensical/garbage technical knowledge proliferating on hubs of airsoft information. There is actual physics derived and empirical information on reliable places like ASMech that show that the twist barrel theory/idea is on the whole, a load of ######. It might work to a point, but a well tuned standard AEG with a quality and well maintained barrel WILL outshoot it day in, day out. I've worked as an AEG tech for 2 years now, and been building my own gu
  2. No, they are these: http://www.customkillergrips.com/custompolymer.htm
  3. Sorry I should have mentioned that this was in a controlled test environment (indoor, yay!), and it was volley fire (I tried to make sure I kept the bursts at 10 bbs at the most). But I have made kills (and the current owner has as well) at and around 200+ feet with little/no arcing, though obviously this was in a more open field, with lots of obstacles you'd be hard pressed to hit something at 200+ feet and a mere 350 fps w/ .25s because the'd likely be so slow moving at that point that any impact along the way would totally ruin any chance of a hit. Of course a good 40-50 round burst at 32
  4. LOL, someone has been befuddled by advertising. You should read what you said again and tell me with a straight face that it doesn't sound like ridiculous, physics-breaking advertising mumbo-jumbo. And yes, I have seen them in use before/used them myself, the results are nowhere near what you are claiming as far as comparative performance goes. Get a KM TN or a PDI 05 in there and tune it right and it'll take a dump on magical fairy dust imparted twist barrels. Oh and BTW, there are empirical tests floating around on the interwebs (ASMech for example, if you do some digging) that prove the
  5. Honestly, I call BS. Twist barrels are known for being gimmicks in this part of the world. A well setup VSR would damn well outshoot any AEG, just by the very nature of the system. Add in an extra 150 FPS, the far better mechanical consistency and a whole slew of other things in a well setup VSR and ammo-for ammo the VSR would out shoot any AEG, any day, you cannot get around simple mechanical principals, a fixed nozzle and far more stable VSR hop-up produces a far better shot to shot consistency than the tappet-nozzle and TM M4 hop-up system. There is no magic pixie dust in airsoft th

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      Northeastern with Honors programa nd the Dean's Scholarship award thing. IS epic awesome, because I didn't think I'd be hearing back until March from any college, and I chucked NEU on just for *suitcases* and giggles. Is nice to just be accepted, SOMEWHERE....

    4. aznriptide859
  7. All you Block 2 people, is there a combo out there for an M3x, dual pressure pad and working PEQ15 (NOT the brick of a PEQ16)? Or is it possible to get an "MIC"/Pro--T PEQ15 and mix it with the Element M3x and dual pressure pad? Thanks.
  8. My M727, currently a WIP. I love my Old School as much as any of the magpul stuff I have, its nice to have a bit of both (though I could really go for a nice WW2 Enfield bolty, in gas. Make us one, powers that be!). Debating weather to add a '203 and Triangle CAR-15 Heatshield and Quadrant, or an Old School Aimpoint (whereabouts could I find one?) and SF classic light and whether to paint it or not (all I have is FDE PMAGs to feed it, unfortunately). Also, I am considering adding an MOE pistol grip, as I find the A2 grip faily uncomfortable and the MOE is perfect for my hands....
  9. Ask USCMcorps, Hunk. I think he used a Mil-Spec Vltor tube on his ARES SR-25.
  10. Its probably your turd of a SystemA motor. I'd see if you can get a Tienly or just an element/jg/etc "magnum" clone. Way better than systema's motors at a much cheaper price (and guess what, they don't short themselves out as soon as you take them out of the box )
  11. Did I beat you to the punch? LOL I did some searching recently and was wondering, have SD got their thumbs out of their asses and released a metal slide/barrel kit for the Sys 7 USP Tactical yet?
  12. Get an H&K/Insight M2 UTL thingy, no adapter needed. Unfortunately I haven' the foggiest with regards to the threaded barrel.
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