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  1. One, Ares of all people. Think KA was supposed to do a GBB version at some point. Not a whole lot has changed...there's a few RS manufacturer's that are leaning in quite heavily into the hobby via licencing e.g. Krytac have an AEG Kriss in the field, do a range of M4s and they also have .22cal real rifles that you can buy in the UK...that look an awfully lot like re purposed AEG parts. Umarex are slightly less annoying in that you don't get half a bible printed down the side of your VFC HK416 and VFC is churning out plenty of German pistols 'legitimately' rather than via 'Stark Arms'.
  2. What's done that? I can't believe Guns n Guy is still going as well as Den Trinity...do DT still do that thing where they email you an invoice to pay prior to shipping overseas? I seem to recall there used to be a retailer called something like "BoomArms Cafe"?
  3. VSR style hop rubbers and 80mm inner barrel? What are the retention options with this? I can't see a lanyard loop on it.
  4. Ran a marathon yesterday. Posterior kinetic chain is rekt. Translation: My *albatross* and hamstrings are quite achey.
  5. Question which might be better answered here...I see a rail further up that has abbreviated 3/9/6 oclock rails in common with the Geissele SMR Mk4 (pre Keymod derivative)....is there any way of attaching additional rails to units like this or is it best to go with something like the SMR Mk5 if true super modularity is what you need? EDIT: I've seen that Geiselle do 'add on rails' for their pre keymod Mk4...looks like the benefit of Keymod is less fuss/fiddle and reduced weight?
  6. I'm really, really, attracted to that Salient slide kit. Can owners please provide some feedback on the strength of the slide return/recoil spring? While a totally different brand I felt the KWA USP recoil spring was insufficient even on a stock slide, given the lack of spring guide/spring upgrades available (Compared to hops, barrels, slides, sights so far) I'm inclined to think it's not considered a weak part of the gun?
  7. Person with offspring that they are unable to reasonably control in public places, idiot. Person lacking situational awareness such that they bump/trample small children, also an idiot I think it's fair to say that most if not all of us would work on the principle of 'observe, judge,' (exec-...wait...) but more often that not we're faced with displays of behaivour that become a stereotypical norm.
  8. Bit of a FFS moment for me. Parking at work at times can resembling a Bangledeshi box junction. I find that I'm left with an impossible situation of being flanked by 2 A4s with 2 other vehicles forming the top of T infront of me with a very tight gap to get out of. It's something I do successfully day in day out, while eeking out at lunch today I know I came close to another vehicle but given the sheer drop of the nose on my Civic it can at times be hard to judge where the exact extent of the car is. Anyway I get back onto our carpark about 40 minutes later to find I've left a 12'' ma
  9. Personally I'm waiting for: SD Slide + Barrel set GunsModify Tritium sights Action upgraded recoil spring+guide. Appropriate length 6.03 assuming it isn't an already commonly available size. Then either a falcon of PDI W hold bucking and the foos'cappin can begin.
  10. I quite like that as is, 12'' barrel with 9'' foregrip? Looks like it has the right amount of balance for a 'all venues' gun with just enough rail for the essientials without the whole front end being weighed down (I know most modern rails are pretty light but I've got some orrible JBU Olympic Arms tubular RAS units that weigh a tonne for what they are).
  11. We need RA-Tech to do a comparison of recoil in that little rig of theirs, it's probably the closest we'd get to entertaining empirical testing.
  12. True - it's just that I haven't seen many, if any GBBs get to the 3x mag cap mark while still maintaining sufficient blowback impulse to lock back. While my KWA USP .45 has been a labour of love to get it looking the way it does and performance is adequate for a side arm range/accuracy wise, I'm quite interested in this as its essientially an updated USP - the standard accessory rail, TM hop, evident gas efficiency and inevitable aftermarket support really appeals.
  13. That's impressive, should stand it in good stead for 'at least a mags worth of ammo' efficiency when a metal slide is added.
  14. http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/articles/articles.htm Redirects to news page, there used to be some old articles and reviews in there as well as exploded diagrams/tech articles/basic shimming guides and a useful FPS/Joules/Range calculator. Has that all gone 'pft' like many an AEG fuse?
  15. The bowling is part of an arcade in one of the major shopping centres round here, from what I can tell (didn't organise it) you just book a time slot and a little 'minutes remaining' ticker is in the corner of the screen. After 2.5 hours we were all getting a bit giddy (I find it funny that as the guy who got injured I also had zero alcohol).
  16. More of a jesus ouch moment than a rant, but first a cautionary note: Treat bowling alleys like shooting rangers, no more than one bowler on the point at a time. Long story short in an attempt to put three balls down the lane in the last 10 seconds of our allotted time I got clocked on the forehead by a bowling ball and have a nice 2'' gash over my left eyebrow that's being held together with superglue and steristrips. Apparently the CCTV footage was awesome and right out of an episode of You've Been Framed. I put the lack of further damage despite the rather loud 'thwock' we all
  17. CK, I'd go with black pistol grip and black e/p-mags with tan magpuls
  18. I really like the look of that G&P build and I can only hope LWA get a few in if they are being offered as complete guns.
  19. Many thanks! May need to rethink as it appears the barrrel would be sufficiently recessed that you couldn't access the release on an AAC suppressor once mounted to the appropriate muzzle device (guess that's why 9'' rails and 11-12'' barrels are the popular carbine choices).
  20. I hate to post requets after what feels like not searching enough, but can anyone provide a few pictures of builds using both a 12'' free float rail and a 12-12.5'' barrel? I currently have a JBU free float RAS (12'') and a 14.5'' standard profile barrel, considering switching down to a shorter barrel length...
  21. What I'm more concerned about is potentially seeing the likes of TM AEGs disappearing from retailers given that particular manufacturer only cares about the domestic market. However, this is speculative and off topic.
  22. Jesus Christ guys: http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/biscore/business-sectors/docs/r/12-1167-restriction-of-hazardous-substances-regulations-guidance.pdf Simply put, if you are a retailer (economic operator) within the EU, you will have to obtain evidence from your supplier that the product conforms to the requirements of ROHS2 before being able to legally place your product on the market - not sure if it came up here but I've heard about CE marking on airsoft products and this would be no different to the CE mark on the *albartroth* plate of a AA battery powered furby. What I'm persona
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