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  1. The Badger will take up the challenge. aka, he'll prolly stick a badger into the pic there ya go
  2. PENIS! PENIS! PENIS! *its okay, humor levels are returning to normal, say boobies to him once a day before supper and call the doc in three weeks. If he starts moaning and claiming that a boobie is also a type of bird, slap him repeatedly until he crys then bring him in.* and to stick with the spam then anonymous motif
  3. WAIT! The quality of the photograph suggests that it was taken at some point in the past 10-20 years. the buildings outside the window appear to be of European design. This means that the man in question is most likely in Europe at some point post wwII. These factors lead to a strong indication that the man in question would know that the swastika is recognized as a nazi symbol much more than for its oriental origins. Ergo, hes a Nazi. and hes hilarious. and, so to not spam this up any more
  4. MUAHAHAHA, rails on an AK? give them to The Badger! he apologizes. heres some more pics to undo the blasphemy. Badger logo ftw
  5. Two things you MUST learn in life. 1. always fill your mags and 2. never promise crazy a baby.
  6. Its a m4 mag converter and one of these things http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=29353 (The Badgers best guess, might not be true)
  7. The Badger has taken to using the molle ak type mag pouches. some hold two g36 mags some only fit one (no idea why). Before that he used standard double m4 pouches with the elastic removed and the cover thing removed and reinserted upside down so it made a shell inside the pouch. It stopped the mag clamp things from catching on the inside.
  8. The Badger has faced this discussion in the past, and will reiterate his opinions on what is and what is not a custom gun. A custom gun is, to him, one that has been fabricated out of parts that are either extremely rare, or home made. A unique combination of after market parts does not a custom gun make. For example. An m16a1 with a drum mag and a VTLOR stock, is not custom. An m16a1 with a custom built sliding stock that resembles a full stock (he doesn't know what they're called) is custom. And more to the point, this thread isn't for "custom" guns. Its for "Home Made and Hand M
  9. Now pay attention class, as you can plainly see here, this poor fellow has a fully fledged case of vortex face. Does anyone know the correct dosage to cure this? Anyone? No? forty milligrams, forty milligrams of stubble and this unfortunate gentleman will be able to rofl faces normally again.
  10. Trenchspike. FTFW, someone's been reading their zombie survival handbook. Evidently not up to part about Guns, but at least its a start!
  11. Yes, but he was wondering weather there was some way of mounting the one he posted directly onto the scope part of the carry handle. He highly doubts it but is always currious
  12. The Badger would like to propose a conundrum to you, a riddle if you will.... (bonus cookie for reference) Hes been wanting a dual optic carry handle for a while but nowhere has it in stock, plus he doesn't want to pay $150+ for it when he already has a pair of scoped carry handles lying around. He has a rail rigged above one with a standard RDS at the moment, but would like something a bit more... streamlined. So he came upon this. now he wonders, if he was to clamp this onto the top of his carry handle, how would it sit. He further more issues a challenge for anyone with the appli
  13. No, thats the beautiful thing about it. Yearbook is like a license to stalk, if anyone asks you have an airtight alibi. If anyone in yearbook questions you just claim that they dont understand great photography. Its an airtight scheme.... unless.... someone talks.... The Badger is putting out an official order, anyone who mentions school sponsored stalking via yearbook/journalism will be cast into the inter dimensional portal from which lord sex gets his load outs. Survival will be either impossible or extremely accurate, which ever it is, death will certainly be quick.
  14. OMG someone in cyberspace doesn't like what i spent so long working on? My life is over, woe is me. I wish i was dead to end the humiliation! more importantly, and so not to spam up this thread anymore. The Badger reworked a few things with his brothers AUG, and voila! It looks small....
  15. Oh its a double post! oh oh, the world will end. bite him. its epic and you know it
  16. That is a K length barrel with a full sized hand guard.
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