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  1. CAG stuff goes here? Heres my pretty much finished pre-msa RAV kit, all is pre-msa except for an xts5000 radio pouch on the back.. one day i'll swap it out for a pre-msa mbitr/xts5000
  2. the umarex trades uhh.. just kinda wiped off with a little water on my VFC mp7 suppressor LOl, i was like sweet
  3. that looks,.. supprisingly really good! I mean I never thought it would look bad, but I dig that alot haha
  4. repro 15's came in today.. sadly one of the ocular lenses is missing... go figure..
  5. lol thanks snowman and i think i was lookin at one of the other cameras when this particular shot was taken lol
  6. oh man i forgot about this thread.. and speaking of crye woodland...
  7. Aeros

    Custom Gear

    awesome cant wait to see
  8. Aeros

    Custom Gear

    ah ok, thanks! yea ive been trying to find some suitable material to use as the stretch panels in green and havent had a whole lot of luck. propper has some tweave pants out now in mc, coyote and 2 other colors, but not an ODish green. I'm probably going to split the tweave pants in coyote with some teammates to have some desert marpat pants modified
  9. Aeros

    Custom Gear

    Mr.Jon, what material did you use for the stretch panels?
  10. after looking at the picture for a little bit, i realized you may have been talking about the AT4, but i guess it works either way
  11. added an EOG counterweight pouch; short and an ms2000 strobe to my lid today
  12. waiting for the new specterDR 1-4x to be released in tan/fde, then it'll be done
  13. haha, maybe i'll throw on my woodland IBA and do a quick dated Army infantry kit lol, i look forward to your finished kit and also grats for first post, too bad you dont get post count in this section lol
  14. those were before i got my reversible cover, and a few other things on my m4
  15. cut slits up the sides, or if there are already some there, make them higher I wear arab garb at fort polk as a roleplayer for the JRTC, those things are definitely not made for running haha
  16. kit im putting together for an upcoming event still need a few things, as well as remove some items, enjoy
  17. haha yeah, it was a pretty penny for sure.. thanks
  18. group photo of my 2 helmets
  19. nothin really compared to some of the pics in this thread lol, but its a start our team does all have the same uniform.. but not at the game this was taken at lol
  20. Rough USMC Style team coming together, as you can tell 3 of them still need to get gear. The one with the ciras on the left is brand new recruit, he was borrowing my ciras, and the guy on the other side has his Marine kit.. but it was dirty lol
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