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  1. The beginnings of my ODA/Taliban hunt loadout...
  2. Loving those pics, Stress. Someone has some mad editing skills. Here are a few of me from September... A tragic (and overly dramatic) death... In a bit more AOR... And a crummy pic from last game while waiting for the action to resume...
  3. My latest acquisition... An SKS Chicom that I modified. I removed the flaps and used the loop closures for coms routing. It's my very first Chicom and I LOVE it. And all loaded up...
  4. Anyone know where I can find some #69 bonded nylon thread in coyote? I'm thinking of using dark tan or chino instead, but I'm not sure how far off they might be...
  5. Wow, Azn... I typically hate Glocks, but that's the first I've ever fallen in love with. Glad I stopped in this morning.
  6. Stress, do your Comtacs work mounted backwards like that? At least you'll know if anyone is sneaking up behind you. That's a bad*ss helmet. Very similar to how mine is turning out.
  7. Not a problem... Just gives you extra material to create new pockets and do a custom RAID mod. Not sure if I'll end up replacing the velcro with a different color or not... I kind of like the black and think I've seen a few BDU's from the early 90's modded with black velcro, also. Opinions?
  8. There was a post somewhere on the forums a while back where someone modified the Comtac adapters to fit the Sordins... I forget what they did exactly, but it involved enlarging the part of the adapters that snapped onto the headset.
  9. It's the same style, but I purchased the plastic version rather than the fiberglass. Apparently, it's identical other than the shell's material. The mounts, rails and other hardware are all the same. If you'd like, I can snap a few more shots for you, including the bottom.
  10. Here's my new lid. It's the cheaper Dragon Red version. The quality and fit are exceptional. Comtac II mounts are in the mail. I'm thinking I'll make custom straps for my Bolle X800's and use the clips near the back of the rails to mount them. Anyone know where I can find some Element V-Lites? Like so many other products, they have disappeared from EBairsoft's inventory.
  11. Gish, I'd love to see more pics of that mouth guard setup. That's one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a long time and I'd love to put it to use at my local CQB field now that we have one. And where are you guys getting your PVS-21 mounts? I know Corrigan mentioned someone selling them on a forum, but I wonder if he'd ship to the U.S.
  12. Bucko, that's awesome. What paints and methods did you use?
  13. Looks awesome, although I still liked it quite a bit while the receiver was bare... It actually served as an inspiration on one of my current builds.
  14. Lightemup99, who's the manufacturer of that 6094?
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