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  1. Goodness Bankz, who took a leak in your Cheerios? No need to be condescending and rude when people ask questions. The vast majority of other airsoft forums are dead or dying, in part due to snarky, rude responses from self-righteous regulars. I've always found it nice that Arnies isn't that way, maybe there's just a little bleed over today. As for the question, you're right, for HKs AEG stocks can't really be made to fit. As they can on AKs and M4's it's sure an understandable question though! Best, Andy
  2. Why, look what I found out in da woods... I've always loved seeing pics of old AK's found out on the battlefield after rusting a few months/years, so here's my attempt at one with a Chechen focus. By the way, any ideas on how to make the pistol grip look a bit more beat? Just doesn't fit quite as well as the other wood IMO. Best, Andy
  3. Terrific review my friend! Looks like one hell of a nice piece. Oh, and good thing someone fixed you up with a TM mag to try out in it!
  4. Fit a tracer unit into my G&G UMP's suppressor! Quite pleased. :)

  5. Andyjp

    WE XDM

    Although it's a month since he asked it, in response to Shardik, the TM and WE are cross-compatible magazine wise. I've tried WE mags in my TM and TM mags in a friend's WE, and both worked just dandy. Regarding the finish, I have a spare WE upper. Although I generally run the TM upper, when I've used the WE it has held up fairly well. Some paint flecking, but nothing major. Magazines and gun both fit in the Springfield Armory XDM holster and mag pouches with no problems.
  6. DangerWerx Tri-Shot Rail (TSR) Review Introduction: I've been a big fan of the TM M3 shotguns for a long time, although the lack of accessories and aftermarket support kept me away from them for a while. Recently I took the plunge and picked up a Bravo M3 clone and some spare shells, figuring it'd be a fun project and a good CQB/loaner gun. When DangerWerx posted about his plans for new M3 accessories, I was majorly pumped, as he's made some nifty parts for rather unsupported systems in the past. Ordering: I received this rail direct from DangerWerx for the purpose of
  7. I'd take a Maruzen over the TM any day. I generally run the wood-gripped Maruzen on the left side of the picture. The TM is definitely quite cool, but the Maruzen has better range, is a heck of a lot of fun as a GBB, and has a better rate of fire.
  8. Loving it Clover! Figure I'll add to the SMG thread too! A few Skorps -- 2 are Maruzen, 1 is Tokyo Marui.
  9. To add to the IMI goodness, Marushin Uzi with real steel stock and top cover. Now all I need is my wood stock to get in!
  10. Demoncase, just saw your M45--very nicely done! Otherwsie, mostly finished with my Maruzen Skorpion! -Real steel Czech folding stock, metal trigger guard, grip, grip screw, rear sight assembly. -Metal outer for a Marui Vz61 (thanks Baker!) -KM tightbore Soon to add a holster, mag pouches, a Guarder loading nozzle, and a couple more mags!
  11. Sweet christ Panoptes, nicely done with the R4! I'm hoping you've got a full SADF kit to match? How hard was it to mod the RS stock and foregrip on there though? Also, where did you find the RS R4 parts? Any plans to mod any mags? Looking great though. Very nicely done. Best, Andy
  12. Here's my GHK AKM. Picked it up used, and despite some original problems, it's turning out fairly well! What I've done: -Romanian lower handguard and pistol grip. I might change the stock/upper handguard if I keep the build. -Romanian RPK selector lever -Romanian full auto disconnector -Polish recoil guide rod (and a bit of recoil spring-check the pics) -Homemade enhanced blowback kit (weighted bolt)
  13. Finally finished! My second KJ 10/22 build; changed up inside and out rather a good bit.
  14. I've got all G26 parts in there except for the bucking (good for all Marui based pistols) and the AIP mag catch (for G17). Other than that, yeah, they're TM based. I'm not sure if they're 100% compatible, but I sure haven't run into any issues so far. Best, Andy
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