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  1. KSC Glock 19 with a PGC Slide and Barrel set -
  2. Couple of phone pics at the end of the day. Pretty happy that I've now got trousers that fit, shame it had to be a set of Crye's that had to do it
  3. One Marui P226 - Real Steel Grips installed plus a few internal tinkerings to push it up to 310FPS and increase shot efficiency.
  4. Stirrat and Myself (the taller one) at a game yesterday. Some lunchtime posing pics. Generic SEALs/DEVGRU modern impression, nothing too specific on date/op.
  5. That's fantastic, ta very much :)

  6. I had a thread discussing that mp5 sd. Its a KAC ris lower fastened on with a "hose clamp".............

  7. So what's happening to you TM MP7? Are you going to bin it?

  8. listen i m setting up a site in the banff / turiff area


    give me a shout if your interested

  9. Nice paint job. I've been after one of these for a while to no avail...jealous!
  10. Someone's been watching a Magpul Dynamics doovde or 2...
  11. Two slightly stages photos (myself the "pilot" and Stirrat): The one above has the best war face ever. Almost looks like:
  12. Tactical lunges always win, and glad to see my degree in Mechanical Engineering (*cough bodging cough*) I'm studying can be put to good use
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