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  1. For anyone who can decipher this horrible shop's website listings, is this a rebranded cyma 40b vfc style ak105, or one of the tm models and they just cannot put correct picture up?  For some odd reason they have this cheaper than the cyma 40b reband by itself, which has me immediately suspicious.  If it is the vfc style, it kinda beats out the non rebrand offers elsewhere and I might be tempted to jump on it.  http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/21465-cyma-airsoft-ak-105-aeg-full-metal-side-folding-stock-black.aspx

    Oddly enough, this place has 100 series front ends for sale, but for some reason they decide their "free" shipping does not apply to them.

    1. Gunmane


      I am inclined to believe the former on the basis that the item code for the rifle in their shopping cart menu is LT-740D which corresponds with lancer's rebrand of the cm40 models iirc.


    2. Gunmane


      NVM, their site will not even let me go to checkout because something is out of stock despite showing everything in stock.


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