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Any problem can be solved with the correct amount of force.

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*wiggles 3 fingers* This is my safety.




"Hmm... Keep finger out of trigger guard. Keep weapon pointed in safe direction. What the heck is safe direction for these things?"


"I love this job. Fire off rocks to my hearts content. Hawk fancy fibreglass tubes on Ebay to silly airsofters with money to burn."

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Sorry, more rocket captions. I wish I though about these before I posted other two<br /><br />-"He was in the middle one..." John Cleese circa 1970


-"Rocket jump?! This is a wall hack."


-"Open Sesame!"

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spaz holster thread reference - minus 1


... a little puff of smoke... it obviously didn't work.. are you sure you didn't get this from them bloody yanks down the road??

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Blam is the sound of the rocket hitting the wall.....momma is the last thing going through your head after the rocket......dink is the rocket landing on the ground.

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Here we see Emmett Johnson of the MOD medical research division testing out the new long range suppository delivery device.


Unseen is the oblivious test subject who is currently bending over to pick up a conveniently placed 20 pound note.

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Kappa's Astronomy exam wasn't going well at all. Not only had he turned up 12 hours early, but he wasn't even aiming the telescope at the stars!


On the plus side, he was getting a pretty good view of the instructor's daughter in the shower rooms.


Mmm... Jupiter's rising!

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