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Found 19 results

  1. TM M45A1 , fielded but literally thrice and managed to lose the mag that came with the gun on it's first outing but will come with standard Meu mag and two long stick mags. £150 collected or £160 with post and paypal. UK mainland sale only. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: M45A1 Accessories: Spare mags. Condition: Used. FPS: 280 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £150 collected or £160 with post and paypal. Pictures:
  2. Detonator Vtac, Fire optic/ glow in dark, day and night sights, Cow Cow tactical trigger and Guarder recoil guide rod and spring. All parts new and never fitted. £50 including post the sights alone are £50'ish on their own imported ( https://boomarms.com/collections/marui-m-p-m-p9l/products/detonator-steel-luminous-sight-vtac-for-marui-m-p-airsoft-gbb-pistol-series ). Please pay the paypal fees if paying with paypal (£1.80). I won't be splitting parts from this set at this time.
  3. Gun is brand new in pristine condition and so are the grips bought brand new from Brownells. £120 including post and paypal. UK mainland sale only. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: Colt Series 70 Accessories: None/ Houge Grips Condition: Brand new FPS: 280 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Price/Payment: £120 including post and paypal. Pictures:
  4. Apologies for the bullet-point formatting. It seems I can't modify it so each list is single-spaced. If the formatting really bothers you, here's a link to this same document on my google drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U8acwm_xEDo04XfRLj5s-8Zh1z1LMpER9AGWt6l8ONQ/edit?usp=sharing TOKYO MARUI M870: BUILDING THE ULTIMATE AIRSOFT SHOTGUN This is a modification-oriented overview of the Tokyo Marui M870, which has been written over the course of 6 months and covers each phase of my modification and outfitting plan. Treat this writeup as a technic
  5. The slide on mine is cracked and want to replace it with an aftermarket slide. You can upload photo's and share your thoughts on serten slide sets, to help me and others.
  6. Afternoon guys. This morning I was very lucky to receive my brand spanking new Tokyo Marui Remington M870 Tactical, from the good folks over at Redwolf UK. This is a text/ video review for now, with a video and preliminary firing test uploading tonight. First impressions. The box is very nice and well presented, with pictures of the shotgun on the front with features in English and Japanese, with a nice glossy finish. Inside, you're immediately struck by the shotgun- securely held in place with straps. The Shotgun comes with one removable gas tank and one 30-round sh
  7. Hi! First person to buy it from Echigoya and I've been loving it for the last 30 hours. I'll embed my pics when I'm home along with a better write up. For now here is the imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/Bq3GO Videos later too
  8. Tokyo Marui M&P 9 Well its arrived. I've never done a review before so please bear with me and be gentle, I've tried to cover as much as I can but I'm sure I've missed something! This is just my first impressions with the pistol along with some photos, I will keep adding to the thread as I use the pistol and I get some mileage on it. Unboxing The box is your standard new generation TM box. Nice glossy picture of the pistol inside with promotional jargon splashed on the front. Inside you'll find the manual with parts diagram in Japanese, targets, safety instructions, 2 spare ba
  9. From the album: BST Works

    This is our BST valve-nest for Tokyo Marui M870. The stock valve-nest isn't seal properly so we redesigned it with a lot nice and nice function. - New sealing design. The valve-nest has much better and bigger contact are which cause better sealing even with HPA. - It has a spring guide for the hammer spring. - Made from copper by hand-working. The size is perfect, we spent a lot energy to reach the best design - this is the third version. The third version tested with HPA, it is run 7 month without any leaking in TM Breacher.

    © GBB Hungary

  10. Hi! I impulse bought the new fancy schmancy Marui M40A5. It's pretty cool! Still ABS with aluminum parts, but the flash hider and front rail feels CNC'd I guess? They have that sort-of-sticky matte feel. Hard to describe. The bolt is ridiculously easy to work. Easier than the Marui L96 or VSR-10, and the short pull makes it extremely fast. Trigger is crisp as ever. Hop up adjustment is smooth without clicks, so no worries there. I'll the pictures do the talking! EDIT: Uploading photos here suuuuuuuuuucks still ;P So here's a link: http://imgur.com/a/U2eog
  11. Hi, we are Airsoftguns-europe.com and for summer ending for you, our customers, we prepare some Special Offers. Take a look yourself. We are sending goods throughout European Union. Everyone knows them, everyone wants them. Gas operated pistols from Tokyo Marui, Japanese warranty of quality for best prices. Metal and plastic spring operated shotguns made by Cyma. Affordable price, great power, large variety of types. Everyone chooses. Choice from many color combinations, metal and polymer slide. Winner in Airsoft Players Choice Awards. Did you voted too? Need a high pow
  12. Introduction As a brief historical brush up to the replica, the S&W Model 19 aka Combat Magnum came into service in the late 50s and remained a staple sidearm for law enforcement around the world for decades. Even though its popularity has waned since the dawn of the Wonder Nines, many police officers both retired and still in service continue to use them as a backup weapon and has recently had a resurgence for their collectible value. Tokyo Marui first made their Model 19 replicas some time in the early 2000s where they were shortly discontinued for what I believe were licensing issues.
  13. Tokyo Marui Night Warrior Contents: Ordering Initial Impressions and Features Externals Internals Performance Conclusion 1. Ordering I ordered my TM Night Warrior (I'll refer to this as the M1911 NW) from WGC Shop in Hong Kong during their holiday season 10% off sale. Total with UPS shipping to CONUS came out to right around $150 USD and the pistol arrived within a week of placing my order. I requested that WGC use an orange tip due to the difficulty associated with removing orange paint from plastic, but they informed me that no plastic tips were available. Much to my surp
  14. Hi All I'm in the market for a 1911 desert warrior or similar and would like some recommendations on what to go for. I wont be adding any extras to the externals of the gun so thats not and issue however I would like a really good quality pistol! I really like the look of the shorter Desert Warrior 4.3 Tokyo Marui or WE and also the Foliage Warrior! Money isn't an issue and I would also like to pick up 2 extra mags and run it on Propane if possible! I'm pretty new to Airsoft so any help would be very helpful indeed! I am UKARA registered incase anyone was going to ask. Many thanks
  15. Hi all, I've had this gun for just over a year now, and put a ton of rounds through it and abused it plenty. She still works like a champ, and I love the way she feels on the field (have fun with that one...). I just completed a video review of the gun, so give it a watch and leave a comment with your thoughts. In summary, I definitely recommend this gun to both beginners and experienced skirmishers looking for a reliable sidearm (the mags are a different issue, but are easily fixed). Cheers!
  16. I decided to write this very lengthy review of my new pistol because of the paucity of information available about it elsewhere on the internet, especially in English. In addition, the unusual purchasing methods required and my lengthy correspondence during them have thrown up some information that is not available elsewhere at all. I hope that it may prove useful to any other owners or prospective purchasers of this already rare gun. Full Disclosure: This is only my second gas blowback airsoft pistol, and I have had at time of writing only limited shooting experience (a few hundred rounds
  17. Simple review on my custom TM Glock 18c (<<< click to read). Anything you want to know, please don't hesitate to ask, will reply to the best of my knowledge.
  18. So, HK came out with a full metal Samurai edge under half the price of the Marui version, How does it stack up? Tokyo Marui on left, HK on right by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr (You can see a customised my Marui 'Edge by adding a lanyard ring) Tokyo Marui on left, HK on right by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr As you can see in the pictures, the plastic grips have a more visible and convincing wood grain effect ( made with fibres embedded in the plastic, and the colour of the slide and frame are more consistent. magazines by CrimsonRoamer, on Flickr The
  19. *This is the review from the Review Database, with added photos; please inform me in case any grammatical mistakes are made. English is my second language and I sure will make a lot of mistakes*+ (Short summary at the end if you don't want to read the whole review) TOKYO MARUI P226 CHROME STAINLESS TABLE OF CONTENT -INTRODUCTION -FIRST IMPRESSION -DETAILED LOOK -PERFORMANCE!!! -CONCLUSION -P226 FOR THE LEFT HANDED -SUMMARY FOR THE LAZY FOLKS!!! -RATINGS INTRODUCTION First of all, I confess that I'm not a fan of Tokyo Marui. As an airso
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