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Allow 3 letter searches in the Classifieds section

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I was there earlier today and I was furstrated when I tried the following searches...


PSG-1 (the computer sees the PSG as a 3 letter string and won't let the search go through)

FA-MAS (see above)







It says no search results were found. And I know that's not true because KSC and G19 were both on the front page of listings. There are a lot of 3 letter items in airsoft (including the ones above, and more like MP5, TMP, P90). There's a chance of sellers missing potential buyers because buyers cannot find their thread, which was pushed back a page or two due to new posts.

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Doesn't really work either.




A few results for AUG, the rest are for August.



Anyhow, Arnie said he was going to allow 3 letter searches.



Search terms will be set back to 3 and above as soon as we prove that it can be done in a stable fashion.


I'm not sure what that means exactly, but he said he is going to do something about it.

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Yeah, the search system annoys me too:


I mean, almost all manufacturers are two to three letters: TM, WA, ICS, CA, WE, KWA, KSC, A&K, G&P, G&G etc.


And many guns are two to three letters: M16, M4, M9, AUG, G36, G3, P90 etc.



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As a temporary fix, you can add in an asterisk as a wildcard ot allow yourself to search for those dastardly 3 letter words. It basically acts as a spaceholder for a space typically.


EG- P90*


Oh damn, beaten to it. And the example Chris Northinger makes is valid, if only on search terms that are similiar to existing words.

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