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Softair Customs: Walter 2000


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problem with 8mm sniper rifles is the power output a 8mm.34 bb gives no site in the uk will let them run at 500 fps with a .34 8 mm bb


6 mm all the way

TBH, it's worse than that. The size of an 8mm BB means it'll always bleed energy faster than a 6mm BB.

Even if you have 6mm and 8mm BBs with the same muzzle velocity, the 8mm BB will have less range.


The only time 8mm BBs would ever really outperform 6mm BBs is when you get to power levels such that even the heaviest 6mm is too light and, at those sort of power levels, I really don't think you shouldbe shooting anybody. Period.

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Its a bit retro for my liking, but I'm very interested in knowing what they've got planned for the future. Hopefully a spring powered 8mm Barrett, or even better a CO2 one!


Retro? :unsure:


There are loads of spring Barretts (which surely is the most pointless airsoft gun around - It's absolutely huge and yet only fires a tiny BB, even the 8mm ones).



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That depends largely on the shape of the bolt, the WA2000 bolt is a world away from your "normal" bolt.
I had no problem cocking the Atoz SVD (which have a very uncomfortable and small cocking lever) at 570fps, so tell me about it. :)


Ahhh why did they base it off the APS and not the VSR?

And why they did not made the DSR-1 instead?

I'd gladly pay 2x500eur for that!


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late in the game. . just found this thread


I owned the Geneth WA2000. . added a 450 fps spring in it. forgot which PDI it was. .190%? I had to literally STAND on the bolt to cock it. . and I'm 175 lbs.


Good luck getting multiple hits/follow ups as a sniper. . .


if they did copy the Geneth (which is APS based), they should make it compatible with the APS' gas bolt upgrade. . but that's not likely because the Geneth WA2000 had a unique nozzle different from the APS.. .as well as the trigger assembly and spring quide. . .everything else on the WA2000 was APS interchangeable.



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