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Factory tournee part 5?


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Thanks for posting the news.Is there any news on the SCAR H & underslung Grenade Launcher or the Browning hi power?

will come together with the Scar Heavy launched at sametime!


Thank you Frontiers, allways helping us to decide where to spend our bucks.


DOnt know the rest of the people, but If you asked Army about details on their SOPMOD I would be quite grateful :)


Will they produce an M4 variants line (socom carbine, SOPMOD, CQB...) or just the SOPMOD?


Will mags be 30 or 82 rds selectable like the ones produced by Marui?, and estimated price :P


Is their model reinforced in anyway Marui SOPMOD isnt?


And if you can get an estimated price of the AEG would be awesome :P



Funny thing is that I allways thought that Boyi would be the one cloning the SOPMOD...


Thanks again ;)


i will post Army news in 10mins :P


No cyma?

I visited Cyma also today :P


Please inquire with AGM as to the whereabouts of their MG42. How far along is it? Any photos would be helpful as well. Vanderer said it was 6 months out, and that was 5 months ago. Hopefully we will see it soon. :)


they just got the Moulding ready its progressing now! eta maybe 2+ months but is progressing now before i was just delayed for some weird reason

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M4 line (consisting for about 6 models) is under way not just M4 Sopmod, next model in that line will be released inside 3 months time and next one is M4A1 blowback continuing the recoil engine, M4 Sopmod is due in 1 months time ready for sales.

Magazine size for M4 Sopmod is 420Rds HiCap no have 30Rds or 82Rds planned like someone asked.

i told him i heard that Marui has some weaknesses so he asked me if i can get some info and give him a list so he can take a look if he can do anything about it, so who knows about these let me know and lets try to help him out.

no have price decided yet for the sopmod. and Biggest news for Chas! we talked today and i got his head over it, ARMY is making KIMBER as his next GBB Pistol!! he asked me to give him proper trademarks for it and best quality picture for it(and he said he though of making it before he made MEU but he decided that time to make MEU instead)

factory model names for M4 Sopmod is R40 and for M4A1 is R41.

the L86 model CAD drawings are ready and manufacturing for parts has started it should come out before november!

also R85A2 is under works they are looking to make the parts for it and they are making some kind of an "uppgrade version of the original R85A1 model to fix the problems it has"

Golden MEU (R27 golden model) will be start to manufacture next month, it will be very limited edition.




their latest sniper MB-06 small sniper gun but it looks kinda cool, later show you pictures

G96 (AWW 338 if i wrote it right the STAR clone if i remember right, 530FPS on the spot, pretty hard shot and pretty good scope on it, shot few times with it.

G-88 new MP5 GAS gun, the correct model name is G3 SAS (i looked this name from Jing gong list and google with fixed stock) shoot pretty good also!

all 3 models will be released in beginning of June the G96, G88 and the MB-06 sniper

damn M4 they let me shoot with it and play and all but dont take picture of that...it was all steel colour without any surface of it looked like they where mad that someone leaked those pictures earlier so photos on that one :( they said about 2 months away that model before release, it will be without any trademarks or carvings they said they will not do any markings on that.

they decided also for the Kimber gas pistol not to do because (they said too risky as there is too many M1911 Gas pistols now apparently so they dont want to take a risk and maybe cannot sell it)




M4 gas model 061 factory name is released and is cheap as butter, i couldnt believe how cheap its price is even compare on the hong kong prices (if anyone want to know the price, PM and i can tell you but i dont want it to be public here because of other retailers, this way hope i dont offend anyone :P), the RAS model is not ready not be released before June 8th so if anyone order that or is thinking of ordering, wait as its not ready yet. the RAS version is 062 model

they had also new GAS blowback Micro UZI clone of KSC (have pictures of all models, later show you)

like i said earlier MG42 is progressing now, moulding is ready and now they start to make the small parts, it shouldnt be long anymore before it sees the daylight :)




CM048-S AKMS i think release date on June 15th ETA about soon anyways

CM041 MP5K and CM041PDW release date end of next month (June)

biggest news from Cyma was they are making full line of M4 models!

beginning with M4 CQB with full trademarks (have pictures) release date for first model end of next month also its Electric! not GAS. and CM032 new mould still not ready, they said sometime end of next month should be ready.


heres the quick recap, later i add more might remember more what happened today :P tomorrows plan is to meet with KS (who make the P90 and new Gas USP) and Jin Peng to see what happened to their SIG 556, A&K is closed (its public holiday tomorrow and they said they dont take anyone tomorrow to meet with them so well see if i can catch them this time or not, later update infos)

and any watermark specialists around who have time? PM me with your email and i can send you some pictures so we can post them up here for everyone to see!


Small update of M4 GAS (the Boyi model is WA as i saw the real one the packaging and all, someone wrote that Boyi version would be WE, its not its WA certainly 100% sure :P as i saw the real deal with its packaging :P) same as AGM model WA and Well told me when i said if its a clone of WA they said how do i know :P haha too many small birds in internet these days :P

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How severe was the raid? When they raided Cyma, they confiscated the molds used to make the Glock AEP and Thompson, to name a few. Any reports on what happened at JG?

it was pretty severe because factory has been closed for a month already, they still dont know when they will open back to manufacturing.


Also, I don't think that a spring SVD (as the A&K is a clone of AtoZ) would be in demand since Realsword finally released their AEG. I handled the AtoZ one and spring is stupidly stiff, also shooting the gun is pretty slow since you have to cock it after every shot (unlike the real deal) :rolleyes: .

yeah i said also its better be electric but maybe they want to see if there is a need for it, if A&K can sell those any good amounts.


And now, for more factory-specific questions:

Does Well have plans for more GBB submachine guns, ie. Skorpion, Steyr TMP, Mini-Uzi etc.?

Which model is the AGM GBB M4 based on? If the Boyi one is based on WE and AGM is based on WA, both company are in for nice profit from selling the magazines alone (not mentioning the spare parts, which I suspect to be traditionally rock-hard - remember the situation where it turned out that Well's gears were the best stock ones, able to withstand as much abuse as reinforced aftermarket ones?)

Is Army planning to release the L85A2 at last?

Any news from A&K? I'm pretty interested in their M60VN...

G3 SAS is next, i think not coming skorpion or TMP or Mini-UZI at the moment (AGM releases mini UZI)

AGM is WA (Boyi is based on WA i saw the carton box where was the original from which they clone it from) and L85A2 is under works, coming.

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G88, I hope its metal bodied as I refrained from getting the JG version because its plastic. I read it somewhere that one of the G3 variants from JG has metal reciever but now this news of the factory.


I bought the G5K just days earlier when I read news of the Cyma Mp5K with metal reciever. Darn! But its ok, I am having fun with the G5K still. Hopefully the Cyma version will have blowback!



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G88, I hope its metal bodied as I refrained from getting the JG version because its plastic. I read it somewhere that one of the G3 variants from JG has metal reciever but now this news of the factory.


I bought the G5K just days earlier when I read news of the Cyma Mp5K with metal reciever. Darn! But its ok, I am having fun with the G5K still. Hopefully the Cyma version will have blowback!



G88 its all metal body, very heavy and nice looking later tonight you can see pictures, one of the Forum members promised to watermark them i send them to him soon. later he will post here (Snorkelman) actually :P for Cyma models i didnt check if they are a blowback :P tomorrow i ask MP5K and MP5PDW if they are a blowback or no, i saw them but didnt shoot with them as they where not really "new" models so i didnt waste my time on them as i was on a pretty tight deadline so can meet with everyone.

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Thanks for sharing, Frontier!!! :D That is great news indeed!!!


Rereading your post in pg 2, SIG 556 copy in the works??? YES PLEASE!!! Looking forward to the pics! Thanks!




tomorrow is scheduled a meet with JP (Jin Peng) so i can check with them why its late the SIG 556 it was supposed to come out already but for some weird reason did not. later i update after i meet with them.

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