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Tokyo Marui Glock 17 3rd Generation Gas Blowback Pistol

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Please forgive me for the slight variation in color temperature/white balance and contrast in the pictures. I made the decision to shoot in natural diffuse sunlight and fighting shifting light and kee

Not sure if trolling, or just hyper-active, or trying to get 100 posts to access sales section... ^^^

I just ordered my TM Glock 17 from RedWolf yesterday and still have not decided which metal slide to go with.


From my research around this forum and others I've concluded not to go with the Guarder slide due to fitment issues and others being better. I've heard great things about the PGC slide and might go with that. If anyone has any recommendations please feel free to speak up.



I also wanted to get a Guarder tan frame but cannot find any in stock. If anyone knows where they are in stock that would also be appreciated.  :D

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PGC slides are great, they also come with metal sights.


Shooters design slides are tighter but might need some fittment (around the barrel area).


I'd recommend one of those two, since the quality and price is very reasonable.


Also beware, since mid-2012 guarder frames need some sanding on the magwell to seat magazines properly  (specially if you plan on using a magwell) and also have some other fittment issues.


The guarder frame on my SAI 35 was impossible to use with a Shooters Design slide I had.

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Anyone running one of these with a SAI slide kit and CO2 mags? If so how does it shoot and what sort of power is it?



I have a Airsoft Surgeon SAI slide on mine, and run it with a WE CO2 mag. Seems to fire fine, bit more of a kick, but same power as standard green gas, thought slitghtly lower than WE Europe Green gas!  On CO2 it chrono's around 320ish.


Later daze



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My TM G17 with the following parts:

Guarder 2013 ver. OD frame - good product, installation was mod free and could took even CO2 use. However, the thread of the screw that secures the hammer housing stripped at the first installation. But the screw stays in place ever since then.

Guarder polymer/plastic magazine catch - I bought a standard one as a replacement however it seems to be an extedened one nevertheless. Does what a mag catch needs to do. It took almost 3 years for the stock one to wear out, I am curious about how the Guarder one will perform.

Guarder 150% hammer spring - So far so good.

Action 8mm hammer ball bearing - It has been in use for 3 years, no problem with it.

Guns Modify extended slide catch - had to bend it a bit to make it work perfectly.

Guns Modify extended take down lever - works, nothing much to say about it.

Guns Modify SAI adjustable trigger (ver 3) - I had to buy a new set of hex screws for installing it, works fine.
Guns Modify serial plate

Shooters Association 200% trigger spring - Not easy to install, but works fine so far.

Rest is stock.


PGC/Pro-win aluminium slide and outer barrel - there was some sanding included to make it slide as smooth as possible but works fine ever since then. My only problem is the paint coming off.

Guarder night sights - Temporary replacement untill I get to hunt down a GM one with real tritium inserts. I also tried to 5KU one but that one does not even fit without filing.

Guns Modify nozzle - first batch broke on the 3rd shot, GM replaced it for free with 2 nozzles and I have been using those ever since.

Nozzle internals - Guns Modify, too.

PDI piston head (winter type) - Made the gun ridiculously gas efficient.

Nozzle return spring - I think it is SA 200% one, I tried many different brands when I tried to convert the gun to CO2 use.

AIP hopup - Sadly the stock one broke so I had to get a new one. I was really afraid of this item but to my surprise, it is a really good product. Drop-in installation.

Stark Arms hop arm - stock one was bent and I could not fix it. This one works much better.

Maple Leaf hop adjuster wheel - allos a wider range of hopup adjustment

Shooter's Design recoil rod - the multi piece one. During the CO2 project I tried I think almost all kinds of recoil springs I could: Guarder, Stark Arms, APS, Shooters Association, etc. Currently running a Stark one, not that great so I plan to replace it with a Shooter's Design one. I hear their springs are the best.


Feel free to ask.





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