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PTW clones( DTW A&K etc)

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I'm not going to strip the cylinder and hop yet (later tonight). This is just a quick look at the cylinder, hop and barrel and the externals of the gearbox.   The Cylinder is blue anodised and well

It always amazes me the way people think that because the Systema is $1500 it's actually worth $1500. Do you really think it costs Systema more than a couple of hundred dollars to make? Do you think

ok on with the rest of part 2.   I had a look at the gearbox and electrics today. Some good news and some bad news but to keep you in suspense I'll put the bad news nearer the bottom. No sneak peeki

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Or you could "fix" your magazines by removing / cutting off the lever at the back. I received one spare mag that was actually missing the lever inside that makes it work.


Though why you'd want to go back to the AEG world of dry-firing I have no idea...


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Update again!

The beast is now finally running!


The parts i've bought is:
Etiny mosfet (no mods needed)

Etiny ecu (no mods needed)

Etiny switchboard (no mods needed)

FCC 6.03mm innerbarrel (no mods needed)

FCC adv. gen.2 hop-up (no mods needed)

FCC motor 3.0 (needs to be filed to fit)

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Great to see!


Thankfully, I haven't had to upgrade anything yet. A few things I did notice:


The motor has epoxy holding the windings in place, both at the longest part, and at the ends where the commutators are crimped onto it. IIRC this is also what Systema started doing to avoid having to solder those joints so the crimps don't start weakening with use / heat. Also the brush wires are fed through the spring slots the way I've read they should be done. Bodes well for the motor's longevity I guess. We'll see just how much once people manage to burn theirs out.


I talked to a long-time Systema / FCC user about the gearbox / motor sound since I think it's louder / higher pitched than the expensive PTWs, and he offered to take a look / listen and suggest what might be needed to bring it up to typical PTW silenced goodness. I'll report back if I find anything useful.


My A&K came claiming that its supplied mag, and the spares from A&K are in fact 75-round mags not 120. I'm confused by this as I've never seen anywhere that said they weren't 120s. Lo & behold, I was trying to fill them with 80-100 (thinking I was going easy on them at first) and one started to have jamming issues. I did a little repair on it and got it working again but I may order other brands from now on.


My hop up came set just perfectly for 0.25g bb's but when I tried some 0.30s I found it didn't like feeding, and I couldn't turn up the hop enough - might need bigger / stronger cushions, or I may try gluing the roller sleeve and see if it helps any.


Overall I love this gun - I have started selling off my AEGs and if I sell them all I will order at least another A&K as a backup. Might start upgrading with FCC / etiny / systema parts someday, but for now the gun is really, really good.

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Quick question I have two DTW's an M16A3 that is flawless in operation and the M4 CQB (giving me some grief)


The CQB is giving some feed issue as I had fitted the STTS MDD Hop and inner barrel. The Mags fit in (little tight) but I notice rub the top of the magazines and give me some feed issue as the turn dial seems to be a little think and the magazine not quite seating right?


I like the inner barrel but what are people using for there HOP unit/inner barrel on there DTW's? Am I best to change the outter Barrel and use a Systema HOP?


Any advise would be appreciated.

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Quick question - on mt A&K the hopup out of the box was just right for a .25g bb, but turns out is at its maximum (you can't dial any more hop)


Would I be right in suspecting that I could put genuine Systema cushions in and get some more pull if desired? I have nothing to compare this against, so anyone else with the A&K feel free to chime in- especially if you found the supplied ones to be lacking. I don't want to start buying replacement parts if they're not going to be any different, naturally.



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A&K hops are a hit or miss i've had to a&k ptw's the first was perfect, the most precise thing i've ever tried (try alot of weapons!)

But my second is terrible, the lips the "nub carrier" sits on are not stright, so the pellets curve after 20 meters. Though it still have plenty of hop!  


i've bought an FCC gen2 hop-up champer, wich is not the best... some say it have to be broken in, but it cannot even lift a 0.25g......

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TrY using a MAG concave nub, or ORGA flat nub if you have the moeny and will to make tests. I installed one into a DTW MAX3 and the guy I sold it off says it is awesomesauce. 


The cheap, quick way to improve it is taking a piece of silicone wire and using it as a nub, it is wider and softer, just drop a couple of locktite drops to make sure it wont spin with each BB shot

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Thanks guys- I was planning to try a MAG since it's pretty affordable, but that will take time to ship. For now I think I will try some glue on the existing nub and see if I at least get more consistency- although it doesn't seem bad.


Isamu, you're saying the orga flat is awesome? I want to try one but don't want to spend $55 unless I hear that kind of praise from a couple of guys first ;-)


I'm off to game this gun for a 7hr sim tomorrow so I'll have a better opinion. Cheers!

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