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Tokyo Marui M&P 9   Well its arrived. I've never done a review before so please bear with me and be gentle, I've tried to cover as much as I can but I'm sure I've missed something! This is just

Finally got my hands on my M&P9!   Box. Pretty.     Apparently it was FPS tested, not that I really care that much.     Not sure when TM started doing this, but keeps my precious safe.

Just finished this. Its running like train and looks fantastic. Detonator slide cerakoted McMillian Grey, Nebula Frame in Magpul OD, controls in Graphite Black.   

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How is the air seal for everyone?


Using UAC piston head, nozzle, chamber and when I rack the slide, nozzle just goes with the bbu and not stick to the hop up chamber.. almost zero airseal in mine?


Any thoughts? Need time to deep dive.

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Might be a lubed nozzle or bucking.

Bucking might be worn. Maple leaf comes with brass ring to tension the bucking around the nozzle.


Is it completely stock and or New?


Verstuurd vanaf mijn H8324 met Tapatalk


New bucking (maple leaf blue decepticon)


Nozzle is slightly lubed (Aluminum), almost all UAC parts asides the BBU and lower.....

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Is it free moving in the Bbu?


Verstuurd vanaf mijn H8324 met Tapatalk

Yes without spring before I put it back in, with spring is stiffer. I'll get a video, maybe that's easier to demo haha Edited by BioRage
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Sorry if I missed this somewhere but I'm just wondering what retailers your ordering from, especially those that received orders here in the States? 

I ask because I'm getting ready to order a Tokyo Marui USP Compact and even though I'm going to replace the slide and outer barrel with a metal one, I still prefer that the trademarks arrive intact. I'm sorry to post this in the OP thread, I'm not trying to take away from anyones discussions on these's wonderful M&P pistols by Tokyo Marui!. 

Edited by Special Ops
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