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Tokyo Marui M&P 9   Well its arrived. I've never done a review before so please bear with me and be gentle, I've tried to cover as much as I can but I'm sure I've missed something! This is just

Finally got my hands on my M&P9!   Box. Pretty.     Apparently it was FPS tested, not that I really care that much.     Not sure when TM started doing this, but keeps my precious safe.

Just finished this. Its running like train and looks fantastic. Detonator slide cerakoted McMillian Grey, Nebula Frame in Magpul OD, controls in Graphite Black.   

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Sorry Dave! Only just seen this.. I don't think I'll use it enough realistically.


Also.. Free internet cookie if you can work out what this means..





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Is that the back part of the frame? As in the part which under your hand goes?

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It's the beavertail yes.. If you look at the photo above you can see the part the beavertail is removed. I've also done a trigger guard undercut and will be stippling the frame tomorrow. 


On a side note, I don't suppose any of you fine gentlemen have a small tan backstrap you wouldn't mind letting go? 

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My Nova slide never has that issue.. :/ barrel does have some wear on it from the slide rubbing but it's never affected performance.


Also, does no one have a spare grip?



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Only person I can think of is Mr. 10 M&P. Also sorry, I sold the M&P, so I can't send you that safety i said I would 10 years ago :( 

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Don't worry I've managed to get hold of another set of safeties from another bloke on this thread. Haven't fitted them yet! Though the pistol is coming apart this weekend sometime so I will do then!


I know I can buy them separately from Eagle6 but just trying to get hold of a second hand one first, otherwise I will!



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So leaving aside slides, I've tried to compile a fairly comprehensive list of parts/accessories currently available.




Aluminum Piston Head

Ultra Lightweight Blowback Housing

Aluminum Loading Nozzle


Tactical Trigger for Marui M&P9 (Silver)

Tactical Trigger for Marui M&P9 (Black)

Match Grade Steel Trigger Lever

Match Grade Steel Hammer & Sear Set


UAC Day & Night Sight

UAC Ultra Bright Fiber Optic Front Sight



Nine Ball


6.03mm Inner Barrel (90mm)

6.00mm Power Inner Barrel (90mm)


Reinforced Hammer Spring Set

Recoil Spring Guide Set

Teflon Recoil Spring


NEO-R High Bullet Valve


Tritium Sights


Dyna-Piston Head





PDI 6.01mm Inner Barrel

PDI Raven 6.01mm Inner Barrel



Ready Fighter


APEX Trigger (BK)


Catalyst Mag Release


Magazine Pad Extension (BK)

Magazine Pad Extension (Tan)

Magazine Pad Extension (Dark Earth)


10-8 Style Magwell (Black)

10-8 Style Magwell (Grey)

10-8 Style Magwell (Dark Earth)



SA Production House


150% Enhanced Recoil Spring

150% Enhanced Muzzle Spring Set (2pcs)

Light 20% Fast Trigger Spring GBB

120% Enhanced Hammer Spring Set





Storm Lake Outer Barrel (14mm CW, BK)

Storm Lake Outer Barrel (14mm CW, SV)

Steel Luminous Sights "VTAC"

10-8 Style Steel Night Sights





Series No. Tag (Black)


Original Frame (Black)

Original Frame (FDE)


Ocean Custom Tactical


Steel Recoil Guide Rod (Black)

Steel Recoil Guide Rod (Silver)



Let me know what I've missed.  I've read that the custom/VTAC version has better internals than the original, so I'm curious if any of the above are a real "upgrade" or not.

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HI mimesis, that's quite a list. :)

I know it's a slightly different gun but I really like the TM M&P 9 v custom in tan, I think it could well got on my wish list, I no longer have a tan/earth pistol in my collection after selling my 1911 and I think it's sadly missed, plus the 2 type glowing sights on the M&P 9 v custom are just awesome lol..


ATB Marc

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Add the Tanio Koba Twist barrel for the M&P 9 to that list too...


I've just gone through the list and my current M&P9L build has pretty much every upgrade possible waiting for assembly!


Only thing im missing is the UAC hammer parts, I have a set but they caused massive cycling issues so I removed them and went back to the TM parts.



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Question about the Nova Performance Slide.  Looking at pics, the cut-out for the rear sight looks to be closer to the back end of the slide than on the regular slides.


Does this mean that you're limited to the special "high" sights that come with the package, and that if you want to install regular sights, they'll hang over the rear of the slide?

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