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Other Pistols (2020 Onwards)

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As both the Springfield and Other Pistols thread have long been archived, I'm creating another "Other Pistols" thread!




TM x RA-Tech XDM 40

RA-Tech steel slide, HK3P frame, Sringer Precision magwell and mag plate, with Springer Precision style 3D printed brake, 3D printed optic mount and charging handle. 

Once my trusty skirmish tactic00l black pistol, it has since been turned into an IPSC style open gun. 

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Oh my goodness.. my Grandfather taught me how to shoot a pistol with that exact model (he also had a 6 inch target length barrel that came with it). Then went on to a S&W 1917 revolver (I still have it and its in great shape), a trophy Luger and a 1911a1.

I'd love to find one of those Colt Woodsman pistols. I never knew they existed. Even if its just a springer..I dont care. 

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From plastic with that Woodsman above to steel :)

Recently got my hands on a rare FPR full steel Kimber Raptor. Externally an incredibly beautiful gun! High end CNC steel, everything fits perfectly, almost all the small parts (magcatch, slidecatch, safeties, sights) are steel aswell. Plus very nice wood grips and a highend wood box to boot.

Internally these older models are standard Marui, which in itself is fine, but not for heavy steel slides. As far as I can tell, FPR has developed their own blowbackunit by now, but a few years ago, everything was stock TM. Thus, I installed a Volante Stratros blowbackunit, which needed a little bit of fitting, but works well now and really throws back that slide even with normal greengas.






Over a year ago, I got another FPR steel GBB, an SV Infinity Open Class - thanks a lot to Wolfgeorge for this! He's the guy to go to, when you're interested in the best highend GBBs out there! (As probably pretty much anyone here know already :))

Has a Volante BBU, too, in this one it's the old Merlin BBU, which works wonders with that even heavier slide.

So here's the Kimber with it's brother in steel, the Infinity. Yes, I know, that Tasco red dot looks... uh... special... please forgive me, Wolfgeorge, for putting this on your Infinity! ;) ... dunno why, I somehow dig that look, it has a somewhat 80's/90's action movie vibe to it :D




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Inspired by the Springfield V12s, I present the V6. This is eventually going to be mocked up (with further inspiration from Marui’s Vorpal Bunny) with smoothed grips, a front rail, and a battleship grey paintjob.


It is an ARMY R45 with an ACM Shield RMS, a Nova trigger, and Shooters Design 150% recoil springs. Not pictured yet are an Army extended magazine release and the modified grips, which have been filled with putty in readiness for relief cuts and sanded smooth.


Milling the slide and the adaptor plate allowed me to sink the optic 3.5mm into the slide. This actually lower-third-cowitnesses with the factory sights.


Custom milled and drilled slide and barrel ports. The ARMY’s outer barrel is stainless steel and broke one of my milling bits.

Total cost so far: ~£120

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I have always loved the Detonics (I had a MC-1 many years ago and wish I hadnt been talked out of it).. How does the ARMY version hold up? I have the TM and it's always been one of may favorite "fun guns" but always wanted it in metal but didnt want to go to the expense of the kit.

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How does the ARMY version hold up?

I have to preface this by saying I only have about 200rds through it so far, and obviously I’ve somewhat altered it...

It actually seems pretty nice. The only obviously horribly cheap bits are the hammer and trigger, which are serviceable but have nasty mould lines and an unconvincing "chrome" finish. These parts are 1911-compatible - I’ve already swapped the trigger for the Vorpal Bunny look, and will swap the hammer soon.

Also, the recoil springs are far too weak. Guarder and Shooters Design make 150% ones that are inexpensive.

For £80 this is bizarrely competent.
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3 hours ago, CatgutViolin said:

Very nice! Are those the ones I've seen on Etsy from KSD Grips?

No, they're made by another Turkish company, MAK Grips. But yeah, I got them on Etsy for about 80 quid shipped and taxed.

Also, thank god it's not Marui, fitting real wood grips on that one is even more pain in the *albatross*.

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3 hours ago, Pydracor said:

Can you give a few hints on what to do to fit real grips on this?

Will receive mine end of the week and would like to put realsteel grips on it, too, but it's hard to find pics or info on what has to be done 😑🙂

You just need to remove material to match the cutouts on the WE frame. It's a pain, but pretty straightforward.

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Pretty much, yeah. First off, original grips latch on the frame with a spring-loaded pin in the rear. You have to push it down with something like a Philips screwdriver or hex key, then slide the grips off. Also, wood grips for the DE mount by fitting into cutouts in the frame. On the real steel, the semicircular tabs in the front of the frame sit some 5mm lower than on the WE version, and bottoms of the cutouts are about a centimeter bigger. Luckily, you can mark everything out easily.

But I also had to add a ~3mm spacer to the rear, because most DE grips are sized for the .357 version, and the WE, being an oversized megachonker, needs something to fill that gap.

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Got my grips and DE this weekend. Now I get what you meant with that "spacer", there's not a gap between the frame and the grips, but a gap between the two halves of the grips 😅

Well, that can be a real pain, when you chose grips with a pattern in the wood, going around the back... like I did...

Just making a spacer isn't enough, you have to copy the wood pattern with the spacer. That will be pretty annoying and looking terrible when something goes wrong 😝

Will keep you updated!

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Something I've been hunting for quite a while now:

Hudson IMI Jericho 941 GBB, silver version

Very rare gun from the early 2000's, uses the Maruzen GBB system from their P99. One of only 3 airsoftguns Hudson has ever built and the only GBB of this pistol.

Had to install wood grips on this (they're almost drop in, just have to remove a little from the heightened wood part on the inside, so that it fits the pocket of the frame), back then I only found ones with the newer "IWI" name. Recently found ones with "IMI", they're on their way now :)




Surprisingly tight measurements for an old japanese plastic GBB :)


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