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WE Beretta 950 Jetfire

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Looks like it's finally on its way. 


Appreciate it may not appeal to everyone but as someone who likes mouse guns and BUGs, this is exciting. Plus it's something new and a refreshing change to the endless stream of Glock variations and hi capas. I'm not knocking them, just would like to see more variation.

OK WE, now for the HK P7!


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On the shooting demo vid it shows the nozzle being stopped by the magazine follower on empty. While this method certainly works if done right, I'm wondering why they didn't implement the valve knocker disconnect on empty which works really well on the CT25.

On 8/6/2022 at 7:05 PM, hitmanNo2 said:

They seem to have been pretty quiet recently.

Likely wound down during the pandemic, but they've still released "new" designs through the Galaxy series. Just not getting much attention probably from a lukewarm reception by the consumers.

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Yeah.  I figured as much.  I ignored any variant, low effort releases they've put out recently but I appreciate they need those type of things to keep the money coming in.

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This should please the Bond fans, both blued and chrome both have there place in Bond lore. :)

On 8/6/2022 at 8:18 AM, number47 said:


OK WE, now for the HK P7!



While your at it can we have the HK P4, HKP7, HK P7M13, HK VP70 and HK P9S please. :)

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