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101Matt1...Never trust an online translator...they are ######, go down the library an get a German dictionary out.



if you want to speak german learn it the hard way. by using a dictionary and translating word for word you are doing the same thing as a translator only slower (the same thing being putting words in the wrong places etc)


for example:


bevor ich das haus verliess, fruehstueckte ich= (literally) before i the house leave, eat breakfast I.


try to do that word for word (you can see how it would be structured in english) with a dictionary and you'll miss out the structure (which is what translators do)


yeah, and i used a double s instead of an esszett (dont know if thats spelt correctly) and put an 'e' after some letters to show theres an umlaut there...damn the lack of an international keyboard

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