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Diet Coke With Anything New


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Ok heres the low down... I just read the PC reveiw of Diet Coke with LIME! yes i was shocked, with LIME of all things, but as a big fan of all things Coke I have to have some, So this is a shout out to all people in far away lands who may have different or unusual Varietys of Coke I require you to send me some. here are the basic ones i have tryed so no smart alec from slough or somewhere sends me Vanilla Coke and charges me a bundle


Coca Cola

Diet Coke

Coke with Lemon

Diet Coke with Lemon

Coke with Vanilla

Diet Coke with Vanilla

Cherry Coke


i do need some Coke with lime and some Diet coke with lime.


of these i will say that cherry coke is the obvious winner but if someone out there knows of any other flavours I NEED IT!!!! and no pepsi ######


actually you had better send me 2 bottles so i can pass one on to cowboy!

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Vile main stream Cola drinker! Drink Jones Soda, It'll make you feel much better than you could ever know, dust you down from tip to toe, show you how the garden grows!(+1000 pts if you can name the song that i stole those words from [starting after "Drink Jones Soda,"])



Jones is ace.... i mean you wouldn't get Coca-cola making a drink that hippy flavour.... great way of getting rid of hippies if you ask me... crush them down in to a nice green drink!


+ the pictures on the bottles are cool, and the lids are fun to break...


EDIT: Coco is chocolate :rolleyes:

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meglo those lyrics came from the song "Songs From The Wood" by Jethro Tull




Pepsi is way better than Coke from the bottler that supplies my area.


A little piece of useless info: All bottling companies taste different. I only have to drive for 2-3 hours to get cola that tastes WAY different. They all follow a recipe but recipies never turn out exactly the same. even where the sugar was grown can change the flavor.


I got a 12 pack of jones in cans for 3-4usd dont like the bottles cuz there hard to drink from. Hansen's has a cola made from natural stuff. you can order it online HERE

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*Gets Dafool to spank Schlangsky in the name of Wanglin*


I pity this Pepsi drinking fool :mrt: .



I was just just going to post "do you want to take this one sledge" but I see you got in there quickly.


Pepsi is a communist conspiracy and a fools drink.


I pity you, ergo I pity the fool who drinks pepsi...anyone for T? :mrt:

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