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    Yup built from scratch and for way too long edit: I thought I uploaded more than one pic
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    Done. Is it perfect? No. I did it with a broken vice and hand files. It's straight and not going anywhere. That counts for something.
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    Very nice collection @vietnammarine! Cool old and rare guns among them, the Marushin Garands, the Hudson Grease gun, awesome! Out of curiosity: Why have you sold the NE Sten already? @renegadecow: That is rad! Is that a custom build? Never seen a Type 11 airsoft before... And to keep up the pace with pics for this thread: Asahi MG34 with anti aircraft sight (once again: deactivated due to german law)
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    Not my work but I've had a few of these made in different camos over the past couple of years. Have been talking with a couple of different companies, hopefully within a few months they'll actually be available and in just about every camo that you can get gear made in.
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    And few I do not own anymore: NE Sten MkII Tanaka K98k Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You are absolutely right with the need of new WW2 guns picture thread and both of yours are amazing kivk offs. I was not even aware there is such Tanaka and Unertl repro scope. Giving me an idea for my own 1903 conversion [emoji6] And let me share some of mine WW2 / Korea toys... 2 of 3 8mm Marushin Garands (3rd will be - one day, a donor for my BM59 built) - one Garand is regular for my Marine Recon impression. - 2nd Garand will become M1D Carbines are 6mm King Arms and 8mm Marushin. Inokatsu M1911A WE M1A1 with USGI wood set. S&W Beretta M1938 Hudson and S&W M3A1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's my bad, should've known. Thanks for trying though bud.
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    Thought I'd share - we still "out here" @DrAlexanderTobacco, me ft paedo shades, @blobface, @hitmanNo2, non-arnies guy, @PureSilver at a private game at The Gaol. Also me at a night game - thanks to blob for the pic!
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    As with most things done on an iPad it missed off the next paragraph. Price is £800 no offers or trades please.
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    It was a beautiful piece, shooting quite well, but overall useless for my collection and more importantly I was in a quick need of money for our dogs operation...the most expensive toys ... of my wife, thus mine :-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It seems clumsy but really it shoulders like a normal rifle. What sucks is the hopper and oiler blocking half your vision. Bipod legs also too tall like a Chauchat on flat ground, but it wasn't really designed for that anyway.
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    I was in China working for the last 7 years now 2 in Canada, mostly away from airsoft and related forums (I would occasionally travel back to Hong Kong to play). I started playing in 2002 up until 2015 . I joined Arnie’s in May 2003. I turn 60 next February... in storage still in HK I have all my guns and gear which I unfortunately cannot legally get my guns here back to Canada. If some knows how I’m interested to know. Recently I have purchased a few guns, mostly for just collecting and plinking here on Vancouver Island. This is my first post on Arnie’s probably since 2011. Kalbs
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    So after a nearly month long wait, i was greeted this morning by a package on my doorstep. Seems it was delivered a bit early, on a sunday no less. I could tell immediately on opening the box why it had spent so long in the HKPost. It had clearly spent quite some time going through all the red tape. After removing all the tape and glue residue, Ive had some time to mess around with it today. And have my initial impressions after a couple hours of emptying mags. Overall my impressions are 'Meh'. Its not great, its not awful. Its about what I would expect for a ~100 USD gun. It shoots seemingly well enough and isnt rattly or anything. Paintjob is decent enough, about in line with what theyve been putting out lately, though not quite as nice as the p38 unfortunately. Internally, it doesnt seem much changed from the older version apart from the slide and the slight update to the magazine. Someone will have to tell me what the problems with the original were because ive never owned one, so im not sure what to expect there. From the looks of it, it works though. The blowback is decently hard and the slide isn't sluggish or anything. Some claimed they had a relatively weak return spring in theirs but perhaps thats a production/qc issue because the spring in mine is decently strong, and theres no slop to the slide that ive noticed at all. The one problem i HAVE noticed is that its hard to get the magazine to accept a full charge of gas. When it charges fully, it gets roughly 2 and a half fills of bb's. But when it charges normally, it runs out of gas at around the 19th or so shot, with a few rounds left to go. Ive been venting the magazine before filling to accommodate for this and that seems to really be the only way to get it to full charge. Accuracy seems to be decent. I dont have any long distances to shoot, and even if i did I'm hardly a good enough shot to judge anything based on my own abilities. But from about 25 feet i didnt have any major flyers or particularly bad groupings, so i think its fair to say that its 'accurate enough'. So, Id say my overall score for this gun would be like a 7/10. Its good, its not great. It will fill the role in a large number of loadouts and kit impressions. I think a lot of reviews seem to forget that these are pretty inexpensive guns, and with that in mind, I give it a thumbs up. Just maybe dont buy 15 mags for it expecting it to be the highlight of your collection.
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    Ive been able to get it a lot more efficient, but, im still working on getting it 'perfect'. In the meantime though, it can clear a short mag no problem now, so heres a video of it looking weird with a normal hicapa mag in it.
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    TM NGRS, work in progress, had to print a really thick adapter plate for it to work. Will chop down the front at some point too.
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    Thanks for all the advice everyone! I'll get the rewiring done once I build my workbench at my new place
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    Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've done.
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    Rig in progress.

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